My Restoration Hardware Bathroom Dreams

Dutch Colonial before.

Dutch Colonial before.

Don’t you love this sad, little Dutch Colonial foreclosure?  We did + made an offer that was accepted!  HOO-RAY!  A project!  We’re about 98% sure we’ll get it . . .

. . . which is sure enough for a very-excited  ME to immediately zoom to the Restoration Hardware website in search of all our bathroom needs!

I especially love their Shop By Rooms feature + trust me, so would you.  So inspirational!  So vintage!  So charming!  So expensive!

I love this stainless steel cabinet . . .

. . . but I prefer this white Pharmacy version:

White pharmacy bath cabinet.

Special (sale) price: $715!

So, here’s  one of my favorite Restoration Hardware bathrooms.  This would be totally period appropriate for our house, + we all know how important that is!  Notice they’ve used the Pharmacy cabinet that I’ve chosen!

Park pedestal sinks.

Park pedestal sinks — special (sale) price $595.

extension mirror

A little “spendy” at $265. IKEA has them for less than $20.

And now, for my 1st favorite RH bathroom. It’s so classic + would look great in our Dutch Colonial!

Love it!

I love everything! Those shutters are beyond gorgeous!

Shaker style vanity, marble top, vintage-style medicine cabs.

Shaker style vanity w. marble top — special (sale) price $2395, vintage-style medicine cabs — special (sale) price $199 – $269.

More pendant-over-sink light fixtures.

They’ve used the pendants over the sinks here — thumbs up from me! I’m a fan of white milk glass + Edison bulbs. $119

Scrumptuous soaking tub, great wainscoting detail.

Thumbs up for the soaker tub + hand held shower — $4995! Excellent wainscoting detail + (my favorite) pale blue walls.

Something industrial for over the tub?  Yes, please!

Something industrial for over the tub? Yes, please!

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? But let’s have a reality check.  The merch is really cool + uber vintage-style, but you can buy the genuine (antique) article for a lot less!  You can also find other reproductions at much less!  I’ve been inspired, + now the hunt begins!

4 responses to “My Restoration Hardware Bathroom Dreams

  • James

    Kay, I so look forward to your posts, and this one is a winner too! I am so addicted to that company….but it seems like only “rich people” can shop there. That white pharmacy cabinet, soaker tub, that shaving mirror and Edison bulbs…all perfect for my dream bathroom as well.

  • cardinalkay64

    Hola James
    Remember how fun and wacky Restoration Hardware used to be, with all the vintage toys + tools + stuff? The first time I entered their store, after their big change to dark gray, I was somewhat horrified. It was so dark! I worried they’d go out of biz! It’s still good, though — especially the catalog. Betcha you’ve seen the IKEA extension mirror, too — it’s too cheapie, isn’t it? I can’t decide! TTYL!
    K A Y

  • Reuben Ahmed

    Very interesting. I need to visit Ikea more often. I have a bed set from them, that’s about it right now.

    • cardinalkay64

      Reuben — this current kitchen of ours is our 2nd IKEA one, + I’m totally planning for yet another in our current project.
      They have a nice garden section, with groovy + affordable houseplants, incl. the highly-coveted topiaries!
      Let’s go there now!
      I’ll buy lunch (Swedish meatballs for everybody!)
      K A Y

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