Dark Room Obsession

Yesterday I was obsessing about dark rooms.

Nobody loves the color navy more than I do , but on a wall?!  Scary stuff!

Maybe a small bathroom would be easiest for a starter — they already come with lots of white.

That marble sink!

That marble sink!


Maybe an accent wall would be less intimidating than a whole room?


People.  Look at that staircase.  Now look at the photo of the stairs in the Dutch colonial we are buying!  It has a beautiful wainscoting!

Am I afraid to do this?  Stay tuned!



2 responses to “Dark Room Obsession

  • Cheryl in Wisconsin

    I have a small bathroom with a white beadboard and white porcelain fixtures that I had painted in Sherwin-Williams’ ‘Mount Etna’, which is a beautiful midnight blue. I loved it! But if you have a shower in said room that dark color will show any bit of condensation on the walls. I have repainted in a light grey-green now. But I’d love to figure out which room could use the Mount Etna instead. (I have ‘chronic painter’s syndrome. Love me a new coat of paint – often on an unreasonable schedule!)

    • cardinalkay64

      LOL @ Cheryl having chronic painter’s syndrome! We suffer from that here, too. I say “we” because it pretty much drives G.O. crazy! My plans incl. a dark gray (Martha’s Anvil, maybe) living room accent wall in our next house, in front of which we will have the following: a bow-front pine dresser used as an entertainment center (we’ll remove the top drawer for the boxes — genius!), the black TV (it won’t stand out so much) + around said same, our white art ledges with lots of interchangable stuff on them.

      I think the pine will really pop against that dark gray wall.

      Our couch is navy, but we’ve had it for 10+ years, + I’d like to have it reupholstered in gray.

      Thanks for reading my manuscript! Keep me posted on your color choices!

      K A Y

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