Irish + French Weekend

Hoping everyone had a great weekend!  While we celebrated the Irish by making corned beef, cabbage, potatoes + Irish soda bread yesterday, the rest of our weekend was devoted to all things French!

This is a sweet, sweet French movie that we couldn’t recommend more.  You can access it with your Netflix on demand.

2 thumbs up from us.

2 thumbs up from us.

Meanwhile, I kept my nose on the pillowmaking grindstone, as I do most every day.  What does that have to do with France? you ask.  Well, the pillows I made are my tributes to the vintage French grain sack, without spending a fortune.  I stencil the designs myself, in a medium gray.


The dressmaker in me loves it when the stripes match.

The dressmaker in me loves it when the stripes match.

Vintage buttons closures.

Vintage button closures.

The close up photos really show the texture of the canvas that I use.  Here’s another pillow with the clock face stencil that I designed + cut myself.  I don’t know if that’s French, but methinks it is.


My mom, Doris, taught me how to sew when I was in 7th grade.  At one time, I belonged to the International Ladies Garment Workers union + sewed band uniform collars all day, and if I do say so, I used to make the cutest clothes for my sons, when they were young!  My sewing pinnacle has to be the uncut corduroy Stegasaurus costume I made for Halloween 1986.  I’ve been sewing pillows like a bee the past few years.  I have 2 galleries selling for me — one in L.A. + another in Jackson Hole, WY.  I also have an etsy shop


4 responses to “Irish + French Weekend

  • Kathy

    Did that movie have subtitles?

    I used to sew a lot of dresses for Robin back in the day, but when I tried to sew an apron (from a pattern) for Taryn’s 5th birthday, I felt like I was learning to sew all over again. All those years of quarter-inch seams and rotary cutting have made me a novice at garment sewing. ha!

    I like that pillow with the clock face.

  • James

    LOL, GREAT MINDS! I just bought a grain sack last week with the full intent of making a couple of pillows….Now I will have to wait a while…

  • cardinalkay64

    James — that’s awesome! And yesh, we DO seem to like the same things. Is your grain sack striped? What color?
    K A Y

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