Kitchen Tile Obsession(S)

It’s not much of a stretch to say that I’m totally obsessed with white tiles + dark grout for kitchen backsplashes.

Take a look at these beauties!  The dark grout makes the tiles pop + adds tons of vintage charm, don’t you think?

dark groutdark grout in kitchen

Of course, you think so!  They’re awesome!

In our current house, we gutted and re-did our bathroom, + to save money, we used relatively inexpensive white tiles . . .

. . . which we tricked out by installing them in a running bond pattern, adding some black accent tiles . . . + of course, dark grout!

Our cheapie white tiles, tricked out with dark grout, in our bathroom.

The kitchen in our house has a backsplash of 3″ x 6″ white subway tiles,

  but sadly, I dropped the ball + chose the plain, Jane off-white grout!

2 24 2013 019

The humanity! It’s too bland!

 But WAIT!  Did you know you can buy dark gray grout stain at the build-o-rama?

 I have already coerced G.O. into re-staining our kitchen backsplash with said-same . . . but we are moving, instead!

  Did I mention the sad, foreclosure Dutch Colonial that  we’re trying to buy?

Dutch Colonial "before".

Dutch Colonial “before”.

People.  That house is practically begging for a vintage-style kitchen!

And a white subway backsplash with dark grout, right?

Consider it DONE . . . in my head, at least . . . where I’ve planned every last detail, including the drawer pulls!

Burke file card holder, Schoolhouse Electric Co.

Burke file card holder, Schoolhouse Electric Co.

 . . . but I digress.  Back to tiles.  I have yet one more design dilema involving them!

In addition to my dark grout obsession, I’m also crazy for crackle-glazed tile!

Close up of my favorite -- the crackled glaze tile with gray grout.

Hubba hubba.

Vessel sinks aren't my faves, generally -- but this chunky, white ironstone bowl rocks!


Century Tile in Joliet + Bolingbrook (Illinois, just north of us) carries crackle glaze tiles, in an assortment of yummy colors + accents.



Okay, so that’s pretty great, right?  And not that expensive!  So what’s my problem?

You have to seal the tiles before you grout, + G.O.’s already nixed it!

But I’d be so happy, gazing at their crackled beauty, day after day!?  What should I do?

Should I or should I not insist?  (Stay tuned!)

2 responses to “Kitchen Tile Obsession(S)

  • Cheryl in Wisconsin

    I wish you all the luck in your new home venture. You’ve made one house cute, now you can do it to another one! The sad Colonial will be so happy to have you. My hat is off to you to have the ambition to consider it. I will live in my house for the remainder of time because I am too lazy to consider how much work it will take to move.

    (Love the tiles.)

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