My New BFF, Ellen DeGeneres

It’s always a good day (for me) when a magazine lands inside my mailbox!

This week’s happiness is the May issue of Elle Decor, with Ellen DeGeneres + Portia de Rossi’s property . . .

. . . 26-acres + 8 cabins north of Los Angeles.



What a cute couple! Portia de Rossi + my new BFF, Ellen DeGeneres!

It wouldn't be too stalker-ish of me to send Ellen one of my BFF pillows . . . would it?

It wouldn’t be too stalker-ish of me to send Ellen one of my BFF pillows . . . would it? I ‘keed’!

It’s crazy!  We have so much in common — spontaneous dancing, trying to be funny —

and, most importantly, we both love the serial re-doing + the constant moving!

“I can only change the furniture so much and I get bored,” said Ellen . . .

AND ME, constantly.

Isn't it obvious that we both shop at the 10-Year-Old Boy Boutique?

And . . . isn’t it obvious that we both shop at the 10-Year-Old Boy Boutique?

   But I digress.   Back to the important stuff!

 Of course, she + I like the same decor style.

 The rustic, the modern, the industrial.  I know it’s not for everyone, but I love it!


Leather Chesterfield sofa, white plank walls, interesting light fixtures, faded vintage rug, metal coffee table, striped throw — check!

I love all the cool artwork that Ellen + Portia have hanging in their rooms:

Okay, so who's on board with the deconstructed chair?

Okay, so who’s on board with the deconstructed chair, a la Restoration Hardware? Sorry, Ellen, I’m not a huge fan . . .


But she + I display artwork on a vintage easel!

. . . but I’m a total fan of displaying art on the vintage easel . . .

. . . look!  I had the same idea!

. . . and look! Here’s my vintage easel! Group hug!

Now let’s talk about how a simple magazine issue can change one’s life . . .

  . . . not only do I have a new BFF (yay!) . . .

. . . but the magazine has changed my mind about my beloved postal sorter . . .


. . . it’s awesome, no?  Well, believe it or not, I was on the fence about whether or not it would be in our next house!

Then, this happened.  2 words:   Ellen’s.  Sorter.

Lots of vintage furniture, some from Sweden.

Look at that hanging chalkboard! The ironstone! The glass canisters!

Now you can see why that postal sorter HAS to be in our next house!

And speaking of that photo’s ability to alter our decor, I saw these beauties + knew I had to find industrial bar stools!


Okay, so I’d already been shopping for industrial stools.

Here are a few examples one can find in Robert Redford’s groovy Sundance catalog:

Here’s my favorite . . . the Texas spinning stool, in color!  I’ll take mine in red, please!

$225 -- still over my budget, unfortunately.

$225 — still over my budget, unfortunately.

Wow, my eyes are spinning from all these bar stools!

. . . but I could add dozens more that I’d consider.  That will just have to be another post for another day!

Stay tuned!

4 responses to “My New BFF, Ellen DeGeneres

  • Cheryl in Wisconsin

    I am unsure why I feel so compelled to always be able to formally label a decor style. I love the rustic/modern/industrial, I live in a 1901 Victorian bungalow so it’s not always easy to incorporate all of THAT style into it and make it look ‘cohesive’. My trend recently is to go monochromatic “Belgian”… I should just buck the need to name it and just add what appeals to me. OCD?

    NO deconstructed chairs for me.

    And have you looked at IKEA’s Dalfred stools? $39.99. Possible contenders?

    • cardinalkay64

      Hola Cheryl!

      Not yet on the IKEA stools, but we’ll be there soon enough. We’ve put in 2 new IKEA kitchens, + this one next one will be our third. If we do oak lower cabs + white uppers + white countertops, will I regret it? You know, Ellen’s decor is pretty cool but it’s really kind of museum-like + also trendy (she’s gonna re-do when industrial falls from favor!) Emily Henderson declared that industrial was OVER, + my heart sank. I’m hoping nobody gets the memo out here in the Midwest, not for a few years, anyway. One more critique: I mean, I can admire Ellen’s decor, but it doesn’t meet my requirement that your house always reflects YOU. I enjoyed the article, though, + like I said, it changed my thoughts re: my sorter in our new dining room. Yay.

      K A Y

      • Cheryl in Wisconsin

        I don’t think Emily Henderson has the authority to decide when industrial is “over”, if that’s any consolation. Some clever people have been successfully incorporating it into their homes for decades, so I think even if the people who are using it to be trendy quit doing so, the ones who do it well and committedly (a new word?) will always be stylish. I always try to be a ‘trend-bucker’ but I think that goes hand in hand with my compulsion to name the style. I just have to do what makes me happy. We all do. Your style is impeccable.

  • cardinalkay64

    LOL @ Emily Henderson’s deciding industrial is “over”. Well-typed! Whenever I have a “will this go out of style” moment, I just think of some of the stuff that I’ve had for decades. TY for the compliment, too. It boosted my morale, which is always a plus. Oh, by the way — the Brew Crew will be in St. Louis this weekend, playing my Cardinals. Yay.
    K A Y
    RedBird Vintage Home

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