Dining Room Dilema

Today we will sign the papers for our Dutch colonial foreclosure.  Let’s have another look-see, shall we?

Dutch Colonial "before".

Dutch Colonial “before”.

Of course, it’s homely now . . . that horrid white siding, the ill-conceived enclosed porch, those naughty overgrown shrubs in front.

 What I envision, instead, will be something like this:

Must haves: 2nd story switch of siding color + charming porch like this.

Must haves: 2nd story switch of siding color + charming porch like this. Wish we could spring for the contrasting window sashes, but $$$.

My choice of siding colors will be a medium gray with a darker gray 2nd story, with lots of white trim.  YUM!

In fact, I’ve sketched out said-same for your perusal:

Medium gray + darker gray + white trim + red window sashes.

Seriously. Gray houses ‘call’ for red window sashes, am I right?

I don’t know about you, but to me, contrasting window sashes ‘make’ a home’s curb appeal.

They pop + they look very vintage, methinks.  We’ve comparison shopped already, + here are the sad facts:

white replacement windows @ $200 each

red replacement windows @ $400 each.

No can do, unless I start sewing pillows 24 hours a day!


^^ Here’s my source of income, if you don’t count G.O. ^^

More of the 2nd story change of siding + color.

More of the 2nd story change of siding + color.

What's prettier than a Dutch colonial done right?

What’s prettier than a Dutch colonial done right?

Of course, I’d love it if our first chore would be sprucing up that exterior — so that all the passersby can see.

Sadly, however,  G.O. has already told me the exterior is not a priority + might not be tackled this summer!

What the WHAT?!  People will think we LIKE it this way?!?

Okay, then.  No problem.  I’ve already redone the interior in my head.

Let’s have a look-see at one of my favorites for our dining room.  Since I love catalog shopping, today’s happiness comes from West Elm:

Seriously.  Gray felt drum shade light fixture.

Seriously. Gray felt drum shade light fixture! Beautiful! Unique! No longer available!

Major hubba hubba on the gray felt drumshade for over our dining room table — no?  Well, actually, it IS no.

 West Elm doesn’t carry their products for very long — + this one’s sold out!

Listen + learn from my tragedy:  if you see something that you like, get it NOW.

Anyway, after my gray felt heartbreak, my 2nd choice might be this linen one . . .

Love it but not getting it.  Too bland.

Love it but not getting it. Too bland. $149.

. . . or not.

SO.  Here’s the West Elm dining room light fixture that I really wanted, all along:

Mercury glass.  $395.

Mercury glass. $395.

big light 2

big light

No one loves the mercury glass more than I do.  No one.

That means it’s a must-buy in my little world.  Today.  Immediately after we sign the papers + get those keys!

And one more thing — please view my large, gray sorter, for which I paid a mere $50, circa 1990:

Purchased for $50, circa 1990.

It’s that groovy gray sorter that’s against the wall. I originally bought it for my then-store, Heart-in-Hand in Oregon, Illinois.

It currently is residing inside a cool store here:  www.livinglolastyle.com.

This is the sorter that I could not decide to sell or to put in our new dining room.  Is it too weird?  I asked myself!

Well, NO, it’s NOT — I concluded, just after  I gazed upon Ellen DeGeneres’ sorter in the current issue of Elle Decor magazine.  Check it out:

I love the way this has been staged + hope to do something equally wonderful with my sorter.

I love the way this has been staged + hope to do something equally wonderful with my sorter.

I blogged about this just yesterday: https://redbirdv.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/my-new-bff-ellen-degeneres/


Thanks for viewing + stay tuned!

2 responses to “Dining Room Dilema

  • Cheryl in Wisconsin

    I admire your plans for that house. I live in a neighborhood of 100-year old houses and so many of them have had their porches enclosed. It’s sad. Fortunately for me, the wraparound porch on my bungalow is perfectly preserved, the first year I moved there I put up a porch swing.

    That mercury glass fixture makes me swoon.

    Living Lola Style looks cute. Maybe I need to swing down there next time I need my Sycamore Speedway fix.

  • KAY

    Cheryl, you make me smile with the verb “swoon” — it’s one of my favorites. If you go to Sycamore, promise me you’ll stop at Blumen Gardens there first. It’s my favorite plant nursery. They organize perennials by color! It’s situated inside an old brick factory — very charming.
    K A Y

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