Window World + Welcome To It

Today G.O. is headed to Home Depot

to order the 1st of our replacement windows.

We’re using this brand:

High quality

High quality

Disclaimer:  I know SOME of us consider vinyl windows to be a faux pas,

but our budget is quite modest, as is our new neighborhood . . .

beverly hillbillies

. . . which is NOT here.

Please don’t judge.

Or go ahead . . . I know I would!  😉

But I digress.

 I recently blogged about window sashes + my love of the colored ones:

People, the color choices are nearly endless!


Here we have Hunter green in action.

Here we have Hunter green in action.

Perhaps you’ll recall  my saying I liked red sashes

with our gray + white exterior plans:

Medium gray + darker gray + white trim + red window sashes.

If not red — black would be equally awesome.


I see a red door + I want it painted black.  No color any more . . .

I see a red door + I want it painted black. No color any more . . .

Yes, I had this LP when I was in high school,

+ yes, this song will be stuck in  my head all day . . .

. . . and yours, too.

But I digress.

It’s twue! —  black window sashes DO look fantastic on a gray house!

This is one of my favorite blogs.

But the harsh reality is that colored sashes are 2 X’s as spendy as white ones . . . and besides, the American Craftsman windows we can afford aren’t even available in colors!

Only white or beige!

We will compromise + choose white, + I’m sure they will look great + not boring at all!

But wait.  All is not lost.  There are grille choices!

High profile grilles inside + out -- looks more authentic.First up, I’m insisting upon getting these ^^ high-profile grilles on both the inside and exterior.

Looks more authentic than the flatties between the glass.

And for the grille pattern?  Here’s our  winner + first runner-up:

window grill -- farmhouse with 2 stripes

Farmhouse, which we considered . . . .

window grill -- farmhouse

. . . . and Estate, which is what we chose.

So I’m happy that our windows, while vinyl + white,

will look cool because of their on-trend, period-appropriate grilles.

Stay tuned; I’ll need your approval, after all.  😉

2 responses to “Window World + Welcome To It

  • Cheryl in Wisconsin

    I am confident that given your tastes, your house will look fabulous when you’re finished regardless of choice limitations.

    (In my neck of the woods, Home Depot is the most expensive place for home improvement needs. Pricier than the local hardware merchants with great service, even. Just throwing it out there as an interesting fact.)

  • KAY

    Cheryl, the ‘help’ at Home Depot knew absolutely nothing about the grilles + in fact, suggested that G.O. go home + e-mail the company himself! I guess it’s been a while since we had a home project — I’d forgotten that this is how it is!
    K A Y

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