No ‘Before’ Photos — The Sequel!

Somehow, we failed to take any before snapshots of our most recent past house re-do . . .


20’s brick bungalow, tricked out for the yuletide.

. . . so THIS time, we vowed to do better.

30's Dutch colonial, 'before'.

30’s Dutch colonial, ‘before’.


In our very first interior demo, our kitchen,

we missed the ‘before’ photo ops!

We did manage to get ONE picture of the last upper cabinets going away:

Bye bye cabinets!

Bye bye cabinets!

So, were lessons learned, you ask?  Sadly, no!

Our second demo of this project — the bathroom — suffered the same fate, photo-wise!

Camera M.I.A.

We did pick up the ball  mid-way through the demo:

Are words necessary here?  I think not!

Are words necessary here? I think not!

Just imagine one of those bad 70’s fiberglass tub + shower surrounds,

totally obscuring that window.


Can you believe it!?   The peeps next door did the same thing!

Just feast your eyes on the remudel:

Why?  People?  Why?

Why? People? Why?

Oh, look!  A cat!

Oh, look! A cat!

But I digress.  Here’s one more bad ‘before’ of our bathroom:

'Nice' paint job on that cast iron pipe.

‘Nice’ paint job on that cast iron pipe.

The wall bump-out next to that cast iron pipe is an obsolete brick chimney . . .

IMG_0521(1). . . . + I’m considering whether or not to keep the exposed brick.

I have OCD, though, + can’t decide.

Anybody have thoughts?

Stay tuned

4 responses to “No ‘Before’ Photos — The Sequel!

  • Cheryl in Wisconsin

    I have an obsolete chimney bumpout in the corner of my kitchen, the brick has been heavily covered with plaster… I’d love to chip it off and expose the brick but a) I’m too lazy; and b) I’ve heard from people that have exposed brick that it’s a bear to keep clean & fresh looking. Bet that didn’t help your decision.

  • Dolores Larson

    Love your blog! I left an old chimney exposed in the kitchen of our old house. I had an old wooden seed company ad on it to cover the round plaster area where the stove pipe went into. I liked it at the time, but Cheryl in Wisconsin is right. It was a bear to clean! Not my problem, as we sold that house in 1986!

    • cardinalkay64

      So glad to see you . . . + glad you’re reading my blog! G.O. just said that he’s scheduled a couple helpers to come past on Wednesday + demolish that chimney, at long last!
      K A Y

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