Landscaping, Part 1

SO, the start of our  Dutch colonial re-do has coincided with the onset of gardening season!

Perfect timing!  Sort of.

Our front yard’s naughty, ancient + ugly shrubs have been yanked out of the ground :

30's Dutch colonial, 'before'.

30’s Dutch colonial, ‘before’.

. . . IMG_0755(1)

Much bettah!

Sadly, I’ve been advised/instructed that NO foundation landscaping can occur until after the house is re-sided.

I just HAD to plant something!

Here's what 2 flats of shade-loving annuals looks like!

Here’s what 2 flats of shade-loving annuals looks like!

I’d never seen those flowers before — at first, I thought they were a new variety of impatiens.

Their name starts with a “T” — Torinia?  They grow to 8″ high.

I’ve had that HEAVY ceramic urn for years — this season it’s sporting a Boston fern!

Yesterday I bought a pair of white wood, cottage-y containers:


Now . . . just what to plant inside them!?

Stay tuned!


2 responses to “Landscaping, Part 1

  • Jan G.

    Love your containers; do you mind sharing where you purchased?

    • cardinalkay64

      Hola Jan
      No, I don’t mind sharing; it’s caring! 😉 The white cottage-y boxes came from Menards, which is a Midwestern version of Home Depot or Lowe’s. Now I need to focus + decide what to plant inside them + where to put said-same. TY for reading + TY for asking.
      K A Y

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