Warning: Impatiens Virus!


 What a coincidence that just yesterday,

I blogged about my favorite shade-loving flowers, the impatiens . . .





. . . because JUST yesterday, I read that

there is a very serious virus which is affecting impatiens!

It’s called Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus.

“They” say that you can put them in containers + be okay . . .

. . . but not in the ground, as they will contaminate the soil!


Has anyone else heard this?


Even though I didn’t know about any virus at the time,

 I managed to bring home a ^^couple flats of Torenia^^,

which several of my gardening friends have since suggested

as an impatiens substitute.

flower torenia #4

It is commonly known as the ‘Wishbone’ flower.

Look carefully at the closeup.  I see a wishbone, don’t you?

Kaui Lemon Drop

Kaui Lemon Drop

flower torenia #2flower torenia #3flower torenia -- #1

Blue Wings

Blue Wings

And now for some container combinations featuring Torenia:

Perennial lungwort (leafy, left side),  pink impatiens + trailing torenia.

Perennial lungwort (leafy, left side),
pink impatiens + trailing torenia.


Leafy Perilla  (this is new to me) + pale pink Torenia.

Leafy Perilla
(this is new to me)
+ pale pink Torenia.

More shade

 Speaking of shade, our house’s 4 yet-to-be-filled window boxes face north + get no sun:


I think I’ve found this year’s window box combination of flowers:

flower torenia #10

Aaron Caladium (white + leafy) — I’ve chosen these in the past + love them!

Diamond Frost Euphorbia (lacy white) — never had it but always admired it.

Summer Wave Blue Torenia.

* * * * * * *

‘Wave’ definitely means trailing, when it comes to flowers — haven’t we all heard of ‘Wave’ petunias?

They’re everywhere!

petunia wave #6petunia wave #5petunia wave #7

Nobody loves the ^^antique urn^^ more than I do.

I just love antique ANY-thing in the garden!

petunia wave #8petunia wave #2petunia wave #9petunia wave #3

Disclaimer: some gardening snobs turn up their noses at petunias,

claiming they’re ‘too common’.

But seriously.  I think the containers in these photographs transcend ‘common’!

What say ye?

* * * * *

But I digress.

I think it’s now time to grab my credit card + head to the garden center!

See you there!

2 responses to “Warning: Impatiens Virus!

  • Anita

    Beautiful. Living in the midwest… I LOVE petunias. We go from 40 degrees to 100 degrees in a day’s time. Petunias are easy to grow, hardy, easy maintenance, a lot of color choices. I’m keeping my petunias! 😉

  • Kathy

    I’ve grown to admire the petunia. Especially the ones with the tiny flowers that I planted on the deck last summer and the wave ones. Speaking of, I guess it’s time to get out and plant some annuals and refresh our mulch – after all this rain passes through.

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