I Want A Retro Tile Floor!


One of my favorite blogs — Hooked on Houses — recently posted about Drew Barrymore’s house.

Go there now:


I fell head-over-heels in love

with the retro-style refrigerator + freezer in her kitchen.

Who’s hip to the totally awesome + retro SMEG brand?

west elm smeg front

My retail bestie — West Elm — sells them!  $2 grand!

Of course, they come in all sorts of colors, but I ‘need’ red!

See for yourself

how the West Elm hipsters styled these beauties in room settings:

west elm smeg in room #2west elm smeg in room #1

While I did intend for this post to be about Smeg refrigerators

+ my love for them . . .

. . . my short attention span was diverted once again . . .

. . . this time, by Drew’s yummy yellow + white checkerboard floor:



The product is Marmoleum Click:


a substainable + natural floating floor

that’s easy to install + glueless!

Say no more!

I quickly proceeded to research Marmoleum images online,

+ look what I found:

linoleum -- aqua + lt. tan zig zaglinoleum #3

linoleum -- tan + white stripesFORBO CLICK

linoleum #1linoleum -- gray, white + black checks

linoleum -- green + white checklinoleum -- red + white checks

Are you swooning?

If you’re like me, you are.

I mean, it’s all about the mildly-odd-yet-tasteful factor in my little décor world.

Plus, how period-appropriate would this be in our 30’s-era Dutch colonial?


The good news is that I’ve chosen my favorite pattern o’ tiles, + here ’tis:

linoleum -- pink gray + white gingham check

I think it has kind of a gingham check vibe, don’t you?

The off-white, pink + gray is on-trend + darling,

but my kitchen is calling for something like this:

giant red floorgiant eternity floor

linoleum -- giant volcanic ash

Okay, I’m about to swoon,

+ meanwhile, I have a prediction:

G.O. is going to nix this idea, the minute I ask make him look at this post.


Why doesn’t he trust me yet?  😉

3 responses to “I Want A Retro Tile Floor!

  • staceyweichert

    Want, want, want! I have eyed that frig for a while now!

  • stephanie

    I had the same white and yellow checkered board floor years ago. It wonderful with out bright yellow walls in our country house.

  • cardinalkay64

    Stephanie — there is a Vacation Rental By Owner near Nashville, TN, called Storybook Cottage. Their gathering room is bright white + has the most cheerful painted checkerboard floors in white + gold/tan! Believe it or not, we are at the time when we choose our kitchen floor, + I am still debating on what color! 😉 Stay tuned!

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