Little Ms. Robin Saga

Every spring, a mother robin builds a nest somewhere in our yard . . . .


. . . . this year, she chose the arbor that’s over our garage door.

How sweet, no?

Well, KIND OF.

Since this photo op, our now-adolescent little Ms. Robin has left her nest,

as all adolescent robins do.

Tragedy was narrowly averted on Tuesday,

when she obliviously hopped to + fro in the grass behind our garage.

Suddenly, I heard her robin mother + robin relatives squawking like crazy!

What a racket!

Seems our murderous neighbor cat, Charlie, lurked nearby!

Cue: ME, ‘to the rescue’ . . .

. . . frantically catching little Ms. Robin (much to her + her robin posse’s dismay)

+ depositing her safely within our fenced backyard.


Since then, I’ve chased her a couple more x’s

+ re-deposited her within our fence,

dug up some earthworms + attempted (but failed) to feed her said-same,

+ finally dashed to the grocery store for a bag of wild bird seed.


I’ve not yet seen her this a.m.

(yikes — we had a couple torrential downpours yesterday!) . . .

. . . but maybe she’s wisely giving this interloper a wide berth

at the birdbath!

Fingers crossed she’ll show up again, soon!

2 responses to “Little Ms. Robin Saga

  • staceyweichert

    I would be doing the same! Stressing over the the mama!
    Last year, the day several baby Robins had been pushed out or left on their own from the nest’s, the wind decided to kick up. The darn babies were struggling to fly! I could hear Parent Robin’s encouraging them from the trees. At one point I tried to help a Little one, by grabbing it from the ground and placing it onto a tree–when down swooped Robin Mama to attack me! Well I never!

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