Our Grandparents’ House

My grandparents once lived in this beautiful Italianate-style house

in our hometown of Greenville, Illinois (about 50 miles east of St. Louis).

gma+pa's house -- front garden

I love the color scheme (red window sashes!),

those buntings + that island garden bed (millstone!) out front!

Here’s a very cherished informal family photo taken at the house:

gma + pa's old house -- family

I’m guessing mid-fifties, based on how young we all were!

There’s Grandpa + Grandma at the far right —

with a small ME, sitting in the front row.

Notice how my mom’s hand is reaching for me,

as if she worried I would be obscured by my uncle.

Sweet, no?

My sister, Kathy, is seated on Grandpa’s lap.


* * * *

I have NO memories of this house nor of our grandparents’

having lived there, but my (older) sister + cousins do.

* * * * *

The house, no longer a private residence, is now the Hoiles-Davis Museum,

operated by the Bond County Historical Society.


We toured it a couple years back, + I kind of geeked out.

Nobody loves a museum more than I do!

All that cool, old stuff is beyond interesting, to me!

gma + pa's old house -- front

There’s our dad.

In honor of this being Father’s Day, why don’t I share a few more photos of Dad?


Late 40’s?

How jaunty + stylish is he?

Look at that awesome jacket + those trousers with the deep cuffs!

And finally, here he is with a few adoring great-grands

at his 90th birthday celebration, just this past March!


Still stylin’ after all these years.
Love the plaid shirt + vest!


4 responses to “Our Grandparents’ House

  • Chris (Wise) Martin

    Loving tribute to family & home!

  • Dolores Larson

    Thanks for sharing your memories of your dad and grandfather. What a thoughtful thing to do on Father’s Day! Loved the Italianate house too! When we moved to Shabbona in 1960, we bought a brick Italianate house with a very similar floor plan. (At least the front was identical.) We lived in it 26 years, until the kids were grown and gone. Sold it to another big family and bought our smaller house in 1986 where we still live.

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