Garage Makeover Excitement

I’ve not posted much about our Dutch colonial project,

because lately, all our progress hasn’t been that photogenic.

We’re talking framing walls, beefing up beams, etc. . . .

. . . which has to be done, but it’s just not that exciting (sorry, G.O.)

* * * *

The good news is that he’s finally bringing excitement back!

garage arbor blue morning glories

Now, THIS is exciting!

Yes — it’s time to complete our garage’s makeover!



Our plans are to turn this homeliness . . .


. . . into something a tad more cottage + charming, like this . . .

Speaking of inspirations,  this is our  garage's . . .

. . . using white vinyl siding, + lots of it.

Yes, that’s right — I said vinyl.

* * * *

Okay, okay.  I know.  Not cool.

Nothing screams “VINYL SIDING” more than an errant J channel!

What’s a J channel, you ask?  Here ’tis:

This is the J channel required by vinyl siding, to clad windows.

This is the J channel
required by most brands of vinyl siding,
to clad windows.

The good news is that at least one vinyl siding company . . . —

makes vinyl trim that eliminates J channels + thus, doesn’t LOOK like vinyl!


Cool, no?

So, off we go to the local build-o-rama, to order.

* * * * *

But wait.

You know that occasion,

when you’re telling the male sales associate +/or your husband

 what you envision + what you want . . .

. . . + they’re looking at you blankly, as if you were speaking Martian?

Of COURSE, you do!

That occasion was happening to me at the build-o-rama.

* * * * *


Time for lil’ mama to punt + go to plan B.

Here’s plan B:


4′ x 8′ sheets of real wood.




We are going to trim it out with real wood 1 x 4’s + 1 x 6’s,

which is going to be awesome.

Next, we’ll stain everything with solid color stain,

which comes in 100’s of scrumptious colors.


I’m currently searching for the perfect pale, pale gray, like this, for the siding:

gray garage siding #1

What do you think of that black door?

I like it!  A lot!

If I don’t have the nerve to pull off black,

a medium-tone gray would be cool, too:

gray garage siding #2

Or, if I’m feeling particularly adventurous, a gray-blue would be awesome:

gray garage siding #3

Stay tuned!

3 responses to “Garage Makeover Excitement

  • Dolores Larson

    I like the black garage door, and the black shutters. My husband wanted to replace the cedar siding on our current house soon after we moved here. I absolutely refused! But after painting (solid color staining) on the cedar siding every 5 years, which took all summer, I now welcome the vinyl siding.

    • cardinalkay64

      Today we went shopping at IKEA, Lowe’s + Home Depot. At 1 of the build-o-ramas, I spied a black door + KNEW. Black for our doors, it is . . . just as soon as it stops raining! Maybe tomorrow! TY for the comment. I love comments.
      K A Y

  • James

    Your inspiration pictures are always so awesome, I now that you are headed in the right direction. ( Love that little trellis with the blue morning glorys on the white garage )

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