Siding Choices — Done!

When we began our Dutch Colonial re-do,

G.O. insisted we’d save the exterior for last.

Slight buzz kill for me.

Would passersby think we were okay with this naughty white aluminum?

The humanity!


* * * * *

I’m happy to share that there’s been a change of plans.

The roof will be replaced soon (yay!) . . . after which, bring on the siding (yay!)

* * * * *

Time for me to finalize some decisions re: said-same!

Here are a couple inspiration photos,

which I’ve shared a bazillion times:

More of the 2nd story change of siding + color.

I’m totally on board with the white siding for the first story,

with a change of color for the second story gables.

We’ll get to that color choice later . . .

. . . it’s just this morning that I made my choice between these 2 siding options:

Option #1:  5″ straight shake singles

Option #2:  vertical board + batten

* * * * *

Literally, about 5 minutes ago, I decided on the shake shingles!

Sometimes it takes ‘a while’ to choose, when you’re ME!

Just ask anybody G.O.!

But whatever.  It can’t be helped.

* * * * *

Here’s another look-see at my vinyl shingles:

certainteed -- shakes

Whoa — not a fan of that color scheme, people!

So, what did I choose, you ask?

A light or medium gray!

Almost immediately!

Look!  I even colored a photocopy of our house for my perusal:


Obviously, this was when I still desired the red replacement window sashes.

They were over budget, sadly.

No problem, though!  I really dig the white ones we chose:

Here’s our replacement kitchen windows:


Anyway, back to today’s color choice — for our second story gable siding.

Drum roll!  Here ’tis!

I won’t lie . . . I’ve got that buzz one gets when one chooses the perfect thing for one’s project!

We all get that, don’t we?

The down side is that I’m not going to be happy unless we do this . . .

. . . + it’s going to be a splurge.

That stuff’s EXPENSIVE!

Fingers crossed + stay tuned!


2 responses to “Siding Choices — Done!

  • staceyweichert

    Love, Love, Love it!
    We did our last house in town with cedar shakes and horizontal cedar.
    And as you, we left the exterior to last–and seriously, it was the ugliest house in the town!
    Is your foundation rock?
    Doing the happy dance with you! Hope that’s ok!

    • cardinalkay64


      I think that foundation has a rock façade . . . but I’m kind of in love with it. It has that folk-y, “we-did-it-ourselves” vibe going on, doesn’t it? The colors are yummy, too. Oh, and dancing is approved + encouraged, by the way.

      Your pal,
      K A Y

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