Let’s Look At Magazines Together!

Years ago, my BFF + I loved to peruse decorating mags together.

Oh, how I miss those days . . .

. . . especially when something like this lands inside my mailbox:

CL cover


Sorry this image is so tiny — sometimes I’m just so un-savvy!  😦

* * * *


There’s plenty of coolness in the current CL issue to share with the class . . .

. . . just this a.m. I wanted to order this awesome pin magnet

that was featured on page 24.

Check it out, people:




YOU want one, too, right?

This is so far + above hipper than my plain Jane red one from Wal-Mart!

It would make me happy just to look at it!

  Get this:  it’s $10.

That’s gotta be the best $10 I’d ever spend, no?

* * * *

Tragically, it’s currently out of stock.

No wonder.

I’m guessing everybody else who reads CL had to have one, too.

Unlike me, they didn’t wait 4 or 5 days to try + order theirs.

* * * *

But let’s move on, shall we?

Look at the store — Purlsoho — where it’s sold.

My steel-trap-like mind told me the “soho” meant that it’s in NYC,

+ I was correct:

CL store

459 Broome St.
NYC 10013


This ramps up my chronic NYC jonesing.

And while I’ve only been to SOHO one time, PLEASE.

“Everybody knows” it’s the hippest place, ever!

CL store rolling ladderCL store bins


Now, my retail fever’s way, way UP, too.

Look how cool their store is!

CL store tin ceiling

CL store jar with string


Take a few moments + look at their blog . . .


. . . where you’ll find adorable + oh-so inspirational photos like these:

CL store girls kimono

In my plain Jane world,
this is SO much better
than something pink, sparkly + princess!

CL store back pack

Once again
with the alternative
to you-know-what.

Now wasn’t that fun?

Thanks for being my online BFF this morning!


3 responses to “Let’s Look At Magazines Together!

  • staceyweichert

    Dang, we have so much in common!
    I confess, serious magazine fanatic here–so sorry some of my favorites no longer exist.
    Psst…did you hear my little garden is going to be in Country Gardens–but not till January!

    • cardinalkay64

      Hola Stacey

      WINNING! — on the Country Gardens score! I love that mag + have a big stack of them that I cannot bear to toss.

      I went into serious grieving when Cottage Living bit the dust. That magazine changed my life!

      And then, Country Home!!?? Just say no!

      I have stacks of both of those, too.

      K A Y
      Magazine Enthusiast

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