Vintage Bathroom Hope Chest


I now have a hope chest for our Dutch colonial re-do!

I began filling it just this past week,

starting with this milk glass towel bar from etsy:

Iprefervintage on


Speaking of milk glass . . .

. . . it may be the operative word in my bathroom re-do.

Look at the milk glass on this Restoration Hardware sconce:

restorationhardware bath light #1

I’m a geeky fan of all the bathroom stuff at Restoration Hardware

+ previously posted about said-same, here:

* * * *

Back to my hope chest.

Check this out:


Imagine That!
Home Décor + Gifts
Tinley Park, IL

I spied this wonderful pine cupboard

at our town’s monthly French Market

just this past Saturday:


The shopkeeper from Imagine That!

told me that it came from southern California.

(Perfect!  I love California!)

* * * *

What a coincidence!

Here’s something similar that I pinned, weeks ago:

Delicious, no?

We could install our faucets on OUR wooden arch, no?

Here’s another look-see:


More about faucets in a bit.

Don’t you agree this top is CALLING for a vessel sink?

That’s why I bought it, everybody!

So, natch, I’ve been online, searching for said-same all weekend.

These chunky rectangular sinks would be perfect

for my modern farmhouse décor.

But whom do I think I’m kidding?

Modern, schmodern!

Because of my love of white ironstone bowls,

something along those lines would make me happier.

Seriously.  Like this one:

Somebody pass me my credit card.

It’s time to order this discontinued beauty,

before they’re gone!

Home Depot!   Who knew?

Home Depot

There.  That’s done.

* * * *

Now for the faucet decision!

If G.O. sez NO to installing them in our cupboard’s arch,

I’m totally on board with putting them in the wall, like here:

Vessel sinks aren't my faves, generally -- but this chunky, white ironstone bowl rocks!
Next time you’re in St. Louis,
go here for a meal + shopping fun!

And here:

But let’s get real.

I think G.O.’s head would pop off if I even suggested these.

Trust me, just getting the cupboard was drama enough.

* * * *

Never fear, though.

Our top is extra deep @ 21″.

There’s plenty of room for my chunky ironstone vessel sink

AND a cool faucet!

Here’s another look-see:


As much as I love white ironstone bowls . . .

I am super crazy for bridge faucets, like this:

bathroom - bridge faucet cross handles

Spied this on Pinterest.
Sorry, don’t recall the source.

I’m also smitten with the metal cross handles

with their porcelain “HOT” + “COLD” . . .

Restoration Hardware.

Shower curtain roller rings
from — where else? — Restoration Hardware

. . . so it’s imperative I find a faucet with those.

* * * *

However, it’s going to take a while to decide on the metal.

 I am obsessing about antique brass, like this:

They’re not that easy to find + tend to be a bit spendy.

Fingers crossed, though.

Stay tuned!

5 responses to “Vintage Bathroom Hope Chest

  • Dolores Larson

    Love your hope chest, and it’s probable future as a sink/vanity!

    • cardinalkay64

      Hola Dolores!

      DOH! I actually researched + got the measurements for my sink before ordering.

      Only when I checked my cupboard, did I realized the following: a. the sink would be way too tall + b. the sink’s too big for the bridge faucet I covet.

      So, it looks like I’ll be shopping for a small undermount sink, stat!

      TY for commenting; it means a lot!

      K A Y

  • Shelly Franklin Freebeck

    You mentioned Home De’cor and Gifts in Tinley Park. Is that where you purchased your little gem of a cupboard? I live close to Tinley and am in need of a piece of pine furniture for an outdoor project :/

    • cardinalkay64

      Hola Shelly

      I bought my cupboard at the Morris 3 French Hens Market. The gal who owns “Imagine That!” was participating. I’m not sure if she had other cupboards — I was pretty focused on the one we bought. I tried to find her Facebook page to post, but sadly, there are a LOT of other “Imagine That!” shops + businesses in the U.S.!

      SO, I did post her phone number, so that, if you’re interested, you could give her a call. She did say she planned to participate in next month’s French Market.

      Good luck + thanks for reading my blog!

      K A Y

  • Phyllis Schuette

    I’ve been looking for a white ironstone vessel sink myself. Thanks for doing my searching for me – the one you originally chose from Home Depot is a perfect fit for me. Now I can choose my “hope chest” to fit the sink instead of having to do it the other way around! Good luck with your bathroom!

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