Siding Choices, Plans 2 + 2.5!

I recently blogged about my exterior siding choices:

* * * * *

N E V E R M I N D !

I shan’t use the word “DONE” in a blog post title again, ever,

because I change my mind too much!

Here’s what I mean:

Plan 1 for our Dutch colonial’s 2nd story involved shingle siding . . .


certainteed -- granite gray shakes

. . . with this charmer as my inspiration:

Sadly, it turns out the shingle siding is 5 X’s more spendy

than the regular horizontal clapboard siding.

The humanity!

* * * * *

No problem! . . .

. . . if our modest budget only allows for the clapboard siding,

I’ll select another inspiration house!

Here’s Plan 2:

In my world, this is just as charming as Plan 1 . . .

. . . + yes, the board + batten is also available from CertainTeed:

Vertical board + batten siding from Certainteed.


Of course, it is also 5 X’s more expensive than the plain Jane clapboard stuff.

But check it out!

Plan 2 involves the accent on the tip top of the gables only

+ not the entire 2nd story:

Exterior siding Plan 2, again.

* * * * *
Meanwhile, I’ve already changed my mind again + have chosen Plan 2.5!
Here ’tis:

Plan 2.5 is nearly identical to Plan 2, but wait!

What’s that at the very top?


(a.k.a. “faux birdhouse”), + I think it’s crazy charming!

* * * *

You’re totally on board, right?

Well, here’s a DOVECOTE on a Dutch colonial, kind of like ours!

W I N N I N G !

* * * *

Anyway, this past week I’ve been trying to persuade G.O.:

surprised boy

HA!  No, he’s NOT amused . . .

but fingers crossed!

Stay tuned!

2 responses to “Siding Choices, Plans 2 + 2.5!

  • Graniteware Gal

    I understand that! Making a choice seems so…final. Sometimes it’s better to dream for a while until it all settles in your mind and heart, which may take a lot longer for some of us!

    • cardinalkay64

      Affirmative on the taking a while . . .
      . . . I’ve been dreaming of all these choices ever since we bought this hacienda, which means that, by the time we’re finally ready, I’m ready!
      UNLESS, once the price quotes are in, + what I initially wanted is too spendy.
      Then I have to quickly go to “plan B”.
      I’ve been posting photos of my inspiration on G.O.’s Facebook wall, so he can see what “crazy” thing I’m proposing.
      He won’t sit + look at Pinterest with me, no matter how much I ask! 😉
      Good X’s!
      K A Y

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