Old Stuff For Our Old House

So today is the Third Sunday Market in Bloomington, Illinois

(fantastic + held once a month).

We can’t go today because G.O. needs to be here,

 at our house re-do . . .

. . . where he’s supervising the completion of our roofing project:

That 'thing'  is a solar tube to brighten our kitchen.

That ‘thing’ is a solar tube
to brighten our kitchen!

Yay for the roofing progress,

but slight buzz kill for not being able to go to the flea market today!

I really love the Third Sunday Market . . .

third sunday market #2          third sunday market #1

. . . + we really need to get some OLD stuff for our OLD house!

Like some OLD doors!  Love them!

Love the color of their OLD, chippy paint!

I’ll take this pair for our garden shed, please:

door pair of old green


That bright green would really “pop” against our shed’s dark, gray/blue paint!


Benjamin Moore’s Blue Spruce

* * * * *

How about something like this charmer for the door

between our divided downstairs bathroom?



Is that window frosted?  Hope so!

I’ll need to shop for some suitable window cling letters

+ spell out “LADIES” or “BATH” or something.

* * * * *

I am a huge fan of both antique stained glass window sashes

+ transom windows!

Here they are, together:



* * * *

And, speaking of old stuff for old houses,

 what do I spy online, just this morning,

 but this incredibly unique vanity:

vanity drop leaf table

I’d repeat that yummy red color
in a print shower curtain + some fun window tiers!
Oh, + let’s add a pale grey to the walls, too!

 But OMG — I digress a little bit!

LOOK what they’ve done to a plain Jane drop leaf table!


Surely we’d find dozens at today’s Third Sunday Market!

Do you approve?

That chunky, white ironstone vessel sink is perfect here.

I, personally, love it + have already found one like it:

Home Depot!   Who knew?

Home Depot

I’d style it just a “tad”differently,

with a wall-mounted faucet, attached through the table’s upper leaf:


Antique brass + wall-mount:
the new “it” faucet
for vintage style!

Excuse me while I add an old, drop-leaf table

to my list of “must-finds”

for our upcoming trip to next month’s Third Sunday Market!

See you there on Sunday, September 15th!


2 responses to “Old Stuff For Our Old House

  • Dolores Larson

    Love your pictures of ‘cool old stuff!’ We had a solar tube put in the roof over the family room. For almost a week, we kept trying to turn it off, thinking it was the ceiling light fixture! Fun to watch it during thunderstorms.

    • cardinalkay64


      Say what!? Thunderstorms!? G.O. installed a solar tube when we added a new powder room to this house, + I guess I’ve never been in there during a thunderstorm! Thanks for the heads up, though! And affirmative on trying to turn the light off — those things are bright!

      K A Y

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