Is Our Project Too Modest For A Blog?

^^ Wow — that title’s quite the mouthful, isn’t it? ^^


* * * *

Let’s look at the latest progress at our Dutch Colonial re-do

+ then discuss my concerns:


It’s hard to see because I was in the car +

G.O. kept trying to drive away

(cue, me, shrieking: “STOP THE CAR!!!!”) . . .

. . .  we’re getting  a ‘Midnight Gray’ metal roof

on just that small section just below the front gable.


Here’s a close up for your perusal:


That flat piece against the side of the house is flashing,
+ it will be covered by the siding.

Here’s my inspiration:

^^ So loving the accent of metal here ^^

^^ SO pushing for this type of installation over our back door! ^^

Hubba hubba, don’tcha think?

Pinterest via D. Carey

Pinterest via D. Carey

This is a total ‘must-have’!  Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, here’s more:

^^ Okay, people.  Look at this! ^^

Vinyl siding!  (‘Tis just one of my insecurities; we’ll discuss later.)

* * * *

Back to the insecurity at hand.

  All these roofs are STANDING SEAM METAL,

while ours is similar but a LOT less expensive:


I’m freaking out a little, just in case it’s not ‘similar’ enough

+ looks totally hiddy!

What if people ‘judge’!!??

WHY am I even blogging about our re-do,

if our project’s so modest because of our super small budget?

* * * *


What’s this I see?



(look closely) . . .

. . . and yet, it really, really looks GREAT!!!!

* * * *

Um, what was it I was whining about, earlier?

N E V E R M I N D !

All it takes is one photo, + my confidence soars!


* * * *


Meanwhile, now that I’m feeling so VALIDATED,

 I’ll dash over later + try to take better snapshots!

Stay tuned!



4 responses to “Is Our Project Too Modest For A Blog?

  • Stacey

    Feel secure! I’m sure the final result will look fab as everything you do does. (Does that even make sense?)

    Are you thinking red? If I was driving by the red house in the last photo I would think, “does Kay live here?” I can’t wait for the final reveal. (Is there a party in the future???)

    • cardinalkay64

      Hola Stacey!

      Funny you should ask if I’m thinking red. When we built our riverfront house, I really, really wanted red siding! MY MOM (+ G.O., of course) talked me about of it! HA!

      Speaking of G.O., within the past few months, he has mentioned that red siding tends to FADE. I really haven’t said anything about it, but I’m thinking he would nix the idea.

      It sure would make our house unique on that block, though!

      TY for commenting; it means a lot!

      Your pal,
      K A Y

  • Nancy

    Okay if I call you Kay? Let me just say this, I look forward to your posts and progress. One of the reasons is because you are doing this on a budget., something I think most of us can relate to. I like that better than just being able to go buy, or have done,anything you want because money is not a problem. Maybe I am jealous,well, no maybe at all, I am jealous, but I enjoy your posts and look forward to seeing how the house progresses.

    • cardinalkay64

      Hola Nancy!

      Of course, you can call me Kay! We’re new BFF’s, aren’t we? 😉

      We’ve got our TV recorder programmed to tape any + all Sarah Richardson shows, so I was fortunate enough to binge-view 5 episodes this week.

      It was that back split house she did, with the pink living room (!) + the POOL out back.

      Boy, talk about money not being a problem! Sure, Sarah “claims” to be frugal + having a budget . . . but seriously.

      I love having G.O. sit + watch with me (for inspirational purposes), but he can’t take her seriously with all the money she spends. Darn! 😦

      Thanks for commenting; it means a lot!

      Your BFF,
      K A Y

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