My Kitchen Design Sketch

Our kitchen island will end up in the approximate location of this 2x4.

I took this photo of our demolished kitchen WEEKS ago,

. . . sadly, + it still looks just like this!

* * * * *

I’m not complaining, mind you (NEVER!),

but lately, all our efforts have gone toward our Dutch colonial’s exterior.

* * * *

Good things come to those who wait, am I right?

 While I’ve waited, I’ve researched, planned + sketched.

Here’s my first design:

kitchen sketch #1

Pardon the faintness of my drawing,

but I think you can see what I had in mind for the window wall.

Since it’s clearly not the longest of spans,

I’ve been fretting that our sink + stove were too close to each other.

* * * * * *


Cue: layout #2, which I sketched just yesterday!

We’ve moved the stove to the island:


The cabinets will be off-white Adel from IKEA,

with Shaker-style doors in solid + glass:

IKEA white cabs -- solid doorIKEA white cabs -- glass door

IKEA has the same door profile in black, + it’s going on our island, like this:

kitchen -- black island

Oops — didn’t get that source.

* * * *

Meanwhile, let’s have another look-see at our proposed kitchen

so you can follow along at home:


I want to include both solid + glass upper cabinet doors,

+ I want to stack those uppers of ours.

Nothing makes a new kitchen look more vintage!

Sorry -- I didn't get the source!

Sorry — I didn’t get the source.

That’s going to get spendy very fast, though,

so I’ve come up with an idea for faux stacked uppers —

using one tall (39″) upper cabinet,

onto which we’ll attach two separate doors, like this:


Will this work?

I DON’T KNOW! — but fingers crossed!

* * * * *

Now to the island.

What will we do for an exhaust fan, now that the stove’s moved there?

I s’poze we could do a ceiling-mounted version,

but they’re just too expensive

+ really not that “cool” when you’re wanting an open plan.

We’ll just have to spring for the downdraft, slide-in range.

Jenn-Aire $ $ $ $ $ !

$ $ $ $ $ !

Yes, ’tis true — they cost a lot, too — but it’s all good —

I wanted to hang a pair of pendants over the island, anyway.

Here’s my choice!  The classic schoolhouse-style that I love!

lighting -- kitchen pendant schoolhouse $89.97

Only $89.97!!

Seriously.  You MUST go to Home Depot,

as they have the swellest, most inexpensive + on-trend pendants, ever!

* * * * *

And, speaking of light fixtures, feast your eyes on these:

lighting -- over sink!!!!

lighting -- over sink!!!! 2

“Everybody who’s anybody” is using

wall-mounted lights for over their sinks.

I’m getting them, too! . . .

. . . just as soon as I manage to decide between these two finishes:

lighting -- kitchen over sink gilded iron

Gilded iron
I think these will “pop”
against all our white cabs!

light fixture -- over the sink in brushed nickel

Antique nickel
which will coordinate
with all my grays!

They’re actually outdoor lanterns from Home Depot!  Who knew?

* * * * *

And as for the backsplash in my sketch . . .

. . . “white crackled-glaze tiles w. gray grout”?

Here ’tis!

Winslow's Home St. Louis, MO

Winslow’s Home
St. Louis, MO

And, finally, perhaps you’re wondering what I meant by a “window sash handle”

for the cabinet drawers.

 Take a look:

eBay via Pinterest

eBay via Pinterest

Black, please, for more “popping” against my off-white cabinets.

* * * * *

Stay tuned for more kitchen details!

Isn’t it great that I have all this time to research, plan + sketch?  😉

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