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Charming Up A Garage With Ivy

We planted ivy to grow up + around the brick walls of our detached garage.

Some of its corner bricks were lose + a few were missing,

+ I wanted to disguise that.


Look closely at the roof peak.
There’s my roof spire.

I’m sorry, but neither G.O. nor I can recall the name of our ivy.

I searched for the box in which I keep all my plant tags,

(where IS that thing?) but naturally, I couldn’t find it!


Our garage’s east side —
just beginning to get its ivy on.

In honor of the World Series, let’s just say it’s Boston ivy.

That works for me!

Anyway, in just 2 or 3 short years,

the west + south sides of the garage are covered.

I do like the way it looks — very much.

Ivy-covered buildings are charming,

+ trust me, our sad, little garage was in need of charm!


I painted the window sashes tan
to match those on our house.

In the fall, the ivy turns a beautiful scarlet!



Here’s a photo of the ivy starting to climb across the arbor

that, against his wishes, G.O. built above our garage door.

(I’m pretty sure he likes it now!)


He was not amused
when I wanted to paint our garage door tan.
He said it would ‘never last’, but thankfully, it has.

Now look at a couple photos where I’ve tried to be ‘Artsy’

featuring G.O.’s beloved 70’s-era Ford Ranchero.

I thought the white of the car would contrast nicely with the darker brick + ivy.



Oops.  Ansel Adams, I’m NOT.

I’ll try again later.  Stay tuned!


Have you seen the current issue of Country Living magazine?

Among their standard-issue very cool houses, recipes + what-not,

every month Country Living features products you can buy.

Seems like every month I do just that —

go online + order something I spied inside CL magazine!

Here’s what I wanted in August:


I blogged about it here:

A multitude of Country Living readers

must have felt the same love for this groovy pin magnet that I did,

because it was OUT OF STOCK!!

(I did eventually order it, + it should be here any day now!)

* * * *

Fast forward to this month — the November issue,

+ here’s the featured product I want:

I know!  Isn’t it adorable?  It’s from World Market — who knew?

AND IT’S ONLY $4.99!!!

They call it their 2 cup measuring jug.

world market 2 cup measuring jug inside

I wanted to call it mine!

But I waited maybe a day + a half

after my Country Living landed in my mailbox to go online +order,

so of course, it was SOLD OUT!!

Once again, Country Living readers + I covet the same thing (imagine that!)

Fingers crossed it will be here when they promised . . .

. . . in another 2-3 weeks.

And note to self: move faster next month!

* * * *

May I recommend that you spend a few moments on World Market’s website?

I think you’ll be surprised at what they have!

I didn’t stop at the measuring jug this a.m. —

here are a couple other fun items I had to have:



They had me at the ribbed glass + that red lid.

8″ tall — perfect for G.O.’s Folgers coffee!

* * * *

world marker loaf pans

6 for — I’m not kidding — $4.99!!!

A D O R A B L E !

Red striped paper mini loaf pans!

So retro + cute!  So perfect for Christmas!

I mean, it’s ALL about the packaging, isn’t it?

* * * *

SO, in my little world, that’s a lot of happiness

for a mere $14.97 plus shipping.

What about YOU?

Have you bought a low-cost morale boost lately?

Share with the class!




I unveiled my floor plan sketch for our downstairs divided bath:


There are three – 30″wide doors on my plan,

+ I discussed two of them at length (L + middle).

The third + final door — to the far right —

leads from the powder room to a small hallway adjacent to the kitchen.

Since our powder room is window-less,

I want the door into said-same to contain a window, like these:

I’m not a fan of that cutesie curtain, but I do love the raw wood

+ that charming porcelain doorknob.

Also loving that free standing tub charmer!

Door perfection!

To-do list: frost some glass + find some window decals.


* * * *

NOW, moving on to the flooring for these bathrooms o’ ours:

Since they’re next to the kitchen,

I toyed with the idea of just continuing that tile throughout, for “flow”.

Can’t do that, though.  Here’s why:

I am obsessed with what I call “flower tile” bathroom floors.

This one in dark blue might be the most perfect bathroom floor, EVER.

Is it a coincidence that I found this charming vintage ring so appealing

+ persuaded G.O. to get it for me?



Thank you, G.O.

Anyway, back to floors.

Most often, my beloveds have a light background, like this,

+ I think that’s what we’ll do:

Let’s face it.

If I’ve learned anything from my years of serial re-doing

if I’m obsessed about a design feature,

I won’t be happy with anything else.

So a flower tile bathroom floor, it is!

While  this ^^ isn’t technically a flower, it’s close,

+ it’s very pretty!

* * * *

Next up: bathtubs.

Since bathtubs are DULL . . .

unless we’re talking freestanding, which WE are not, sadly . . .

I usually just make G.O. pick one.

All I ask is that it be plain, to go with my plain Jane style.

But wait.

All things bathtub at Kay’s house may have taken a turn.

I’m obsessing again!

If you’ve gotta have a boring tub, why not trick it out with tile?

Am I right?

Or maybe even better (+ easier for G.O.),

how about some equally-charming bead board?

The Pinterest pin on which I saw this adorable-ness had a caption,

“It’s easier than you think!”

Of course, I pointed out said-same to G.O. when I showed him the idea.

Of course, he nixed the idea.

Of course, within seconds, he’d nixed the idea, as ALWAYS.

So stay tuned, as ALWAYS!


There’s been plenty of progress over at our Dutch colonial project . . .

. . . it’s just that none of it is particularly photogenic at this time.

Oh, how I can sadly relate, but I digress.


The above photo op shows the downstairs bedroom in progress.

To the left will be a closet, + here are the doors that I want for it:

bedroom closet doors -- cl magazine

Country Living magazine

I love their texture + their slightly-but-not-too-country style.

Modern country, if you will.

At this moment in time, I plan for our walls to be a similar shade of pale blue,

perhaps something of the wallpaper persuasion, like this:

Ralph Lauren Home

Ralph Lauren Home

Yummy, no?  Could it be possible to love grasscloth wallpaper MORE?

 I think the texture would warm things  up a tad,

which would be nice since that bedroom’s on the northeast side of the house.


Downstairs bedroom with closet to the left.
The facing wall will be for the bed.

That window (above), which was smaller than the originals,

screamed: ADD-ON, so it had to go.


There, that’s better.

There’s ^^ our framed-out bedroom window in the proper length!


Now we’re still in the bedroom,

 standing with our backs to that bed wall + the eliminated window.

Beyond those studs, where G.O. (insert joke here) is standing,

is  our future divided bath.

This space used to be a bath + a hall,

+ here it is, in mid-gut:

Are words necessary here?  I think not!

Pretty, no?

We eliminated the hallway, which means we increased the bathroom size.

We’ll now have a larger, 4-piece bath with an adjacent powder room.

Here’s my sketch of said-same:


“Nice” photo, no? — but I just snapped it, in a rush,
to include in this morning’s blog!

All those 30″ spaces in walls are doors.

The first one, on the left, is a future door between the bedroom + bath,

+ it will be in this wall we just saw:


To save space, we could install a pocket door, like these:

Source unkown

Source unkown

I like it, but what I like even more is that horizontal bead board!

Bob Vila radio via Yahoo

Bob Vila radio via Yahoo

That crazy accent color is fun, isn’t it?

What crazy accent color could I use with pale blue walls?

* * * *

G.O. has already cast his vote for a pocket door,

but would something of the barn-track-door persuasion

be more hipster + happening?  I wonder?

Rustica Hardware

Rustica Hardware

There are plenty of tutorials available online; just go to Pinterest!

Here’s one:

I need to investigate this further, because that looks a lot like repurposed steel.

No problem, right?

G.O. has already used said-same to make the brackets for our art ledges!:


Disclaimer: This is exactly the kind of thing that I do to drive G.O. crazy . . .

. . . but people.  Sometimes it can’t be helped!

Anyway, let’s look at a slider between a bedroom + bath:

Looks good!

* * * *

Meanwhile, between the main bath + powder room,

there’s another door (with the arrow)

 that could go either pocket or barn . . .


. . . + once again, G.O. has cast his vote for the pocket door,

while I’m leaning toward something on a sliding barn-style track!

I’m not sure our Dutch colonial is calling for something so industrial,

but I love the idea of what looks like frosted glass.

That power room’s going to be windowless,

so any added light’s a major plus in my world!

Speaking of frosted glass, HERE WE HAVE IT!

barn door #5

Source unkown.

Ding ding ding!  That’s a winner!

We just happen to have a similar 30″ wide, old white exterior door

with a window,

so I vote for repurposing it!

I’m not fond of that metal BATH they’ve affixed to their door (above),

but I would like to apply BATH letters to the frosted glass!

Yay.  Now I need to find someone local who does this glass frosting I desire.

I trust that won’t be too difficult.

Stay tuned!

3 French Hens, Part 1

Yesterday morning I had the most FUN,

shopping at our town’s wonderful 3 FRENCH HENS MARKET.

I blogged about my visit to the June Market here:

* * * *

Is it odd to start with the cool stuff that got away?

I really wish I’d gotten this cool jar with the striking, graphic lid

in “the Kay colors” of red + navy!

Perfect for G.O.'s Folgers on our kitchen counter . . . . . . but it didn't occur to me until just this morning!

Perfect for G.O.’s Folgers on our counter . . .
. . . but it didn’t occur to me until this a.m.!

NOW look at the best of what I did buy!


Although the seller did come down $20 on his asking price,

this Potter’s Silk box was somewhat of a splurge for me.

I needed a thread organizer anyway . . .

. . . so this is beyond perfect for my sewing room!

* * * *

When he saw my pictures, G.O. really liked this Sellers tall broom closet:



Sellers is the company famous for their Hoosier cabinets.

This piece was in the booth of one of my favorite “sellers” at the Market:

 Wanda Galloway’s At The Kitchen Table With Santa,

Who wants to make a coffee table from this industrial cart?

Who wants to make a coffee table
from this industrial cart?  I do!

Yum!  I long to have an old metal awning hanging over our back door!

Yum! I long to have an old metal awning
hanging over our back door!

Wanda said she had 3 vintage metal awnings,

all of which were snapped up by Traci,

to use as beautiful displays in her fabulous shop, WHIMSY!

Traci's shop recently moved. OMG, those rosemary topiaries!

WHIMSY recently moved
into a fab, new (huge!) space.
OMG, those rosemary topiaries!

I want this dresser in Whimsy’s booth at the Market

+ hope that Traci still has it.

Don’t you love its apothecary good looks?

And all those drawers would be perfect for organizing my sewing studio stuff!


Things to do: replace those knobs
+ stencil those drawers
with numbers or words!


Here I am with Traci of WHIMSY, at the Market!

  Both WHIMSY + At The Kitchen Table With Santa

(plus ME — RedBird Vintage Home!!!)

will be at the upcoming


Mark your calenders:  Friday, November 15h + Saturday, the 16th!

(More about this awesome show later!)

* * * *

Meanwhile, here are a few more Market goodies I liked but didn’t buy:

If this was only metal . . .

If this was only metal . . .

Loving old mirrors!

Loving old mirrors!

People. I swooned over this vintage Christmas tree stand.

I swooned over this vintage Christmas tree stand.

How could I have passed on this adorable

kitty child’s hot water bottle,

complete with its original box?


This concludes Part 1 of my 3 French Hens Market attendance . . .

. . . watch for a fabulous Part 2, coming up!

Stay tuned!

Celebrity Crushes + Sundance Catalog

I like celebrities.

Not so much the Miley Cyrusi of the world,

but actors + musicians who I admire as true Artists.

Especially this guy — Donald Fagen:

People. Buy this CD.

Buy this CD.

You might know him as the lead guy for Steely Dan.

I like to call him “my musical genius”.

Look!  He’s got a book coming out on October 22nd!

donald fagen book

I’m so excited!  Don’t worry — I’ll be reviewing it!

(Okay — whose eyes just glazed over?  Show of hands!)

But enough about Donald Fagen; I rather like these two, as well:

In fact, Mr. Baldwin + I were quite the “item” at one time.

OMG somebody call Photoshop, stat!


Here we are together in Santa Monica, California,

just before he left me for a much younger gal:


Perez Hilton

HA!  I, personally, see nothing wrong

with amusing oneself with the celebrity!

SO, imagine my excitement when I opened Elle Décor magazine

+ saw that Cheryl Crowe has the same Pottery Barn rug that I do!

cheryl crowe's apt. with Kay rug

Here’s Cheryl’s.

Here’s mine:


Why didn’t I think to put on a pair of sparkly pants

+ pose for a photo op on one of my dining chairs, like Cheryl?

HA — GOOD X’s.

Anyway, all bad jokes aside, look behind Cheryl’s couch.

cheryl crowe's apt. with Kay rug

I have loved those cabinets forever.

They’re in the Robert Redford’s Sundance catalog.

YUM!  No?

I longed for them for years until one day, my friend, Alan,

suggested that I use my old retail store’s postal sorter in my house —

that it was kind of the same thing!

And so I did!


Why didn’t I think of that?

I’ve had that cupboard since the late 80’s,

+ it’s been in every retail space I’ve had since then,

+ it’s been in storage when I didn’t have a shop.

Isn’t it tragic that I never once thought of using it inside my house?

Kay, Chloe + Alan, in front of his late, great Chicago store, Patina.

Here’s Alan now! — with me + Chloe the Dachshund
in front of Alan’s late great Chicago store, Patina

Don’t you think it’s a great idea

to have a friend come past the house on occasion

+ make a few design suggestions?

He or she has a fresh eye to see things you hadn’t!

* * *

But back to Robert Redford’s Sundance catalog:

I admire him a lot, too!

Definitely, he’s another celebrity
who I admire a lot!

I get a Sundance catalog in my mailbox every other week, it seems —

even more now that Christmas is on the horizon.

It’s pretty yummy.

I had a look-see online this a.m.,

+ I just picked the first thing I saw that I wanted:

Bethany Iron Bed $995-$1495 $350 shipping

Bethany Iron Bed
$350 shipping


Bethany seems to be just a tad over budget,

but it has inspired me to think about painting our IKEA iron bed red!

What do you think?

Stay tuned!

Baseball (Again!) + Pillow Musings

Hola again, sportz fanz!

If you didn’t know of my epic St. Louis Cardinal fandom,

then you’ve not been paying attention!

Why do you think my blog + biz are called

R E D B I R D ?

Here’s why:

Look!   My grandlad + me at Busch Stadium, St. Louis

My grandlad + me at Busch Stadium, St. Louis!
September 27, 2013

Any-hoo, maybe you heard:

 my Cardinals won their deciding Game 5

v.s. the Pittsburgh Pirates last night (YAY!) . . .

There they are, my 2 favorite Cardinals, pitcher Adam Wainwright + catcher Yadier (Yadi) Molina

There they are, my 2 favorite Cardinals:
pitcher Adam Wainwright + catcher Yadier (YADI) Molina!

. . . which means they can advance to the next series,

which will pit them against the mighty Los Angeles Dodgers!

pillow -- st. louispillow -- l.a.

Get it?  St. Louis v.s. Los Angeles?

SO, in my world, this is perfect timing

 for some shameless self-promotion!

I make these awesome (if I do say so) city pillows;

they’re sold in my online etsy shop:

I hand-stencil + sew them myself, using repurposed canvas + vintage buttons.


AND I just introduced some grain sack pillows

 on which I’ll stencil any name.



I just sent this one as a wedding gift to a couple being married in November:

Fingers crossed they'll love it!

Fingers crossed they’ll love it!

* * * *

But what’s going on at the Dutch colonial project, Kay?

Do I hear anybody asking this?


Well, the most photo-worthy update

is that I coerced/nagged G.O. into hanging my ginormous Cardinals flag there.

"But we don't live here yet!"


HA!  Whatev, G.O.!

If we DON’T do stuff like this, they won’t win!!

* * * *

But I digress.

Not much else at our project is really that blog-worthy, sadly.

They are framing for new windows, at long last,

so that’s going to be a morale boost!

Stay tuned + go Cardinals!



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