I unveiled my floor plan sketch for our downstairs divided bath:


There are three – 30″wide doors on my plan,

+ I discussed two of them at length (L + middle).

The third + final door — to the far right —

leads from the powder room to a small hallway adjacent to the kitchen.

Since our powder room is window-less,

I want the door into said-same to contain a window, like these:

I’m not a fan of that cutesie curtain, but I do love the raw wood

+ that charming porcelain doorknob.

Also loving that free standing tub charmer!

Door perfection!

To-do list: frost some glass + find some window decals.


* * * *

NOW, moving on to the flooring for these bathrooms o’ ours:

Since they’re next to the kitchen,

I toyed with the idea of just continuing that tile throughout, for “flow”.

Can’t do that, though.  Here’s why:

I am obsessed with what I call “flower tile” bathroom floors.

This one in dark blue might be the most perfect bathroom floor, EVER.

Is it a coincidence that I found this charming vintage ring so appealing

+ persuaded G.O. to get it for me?



Thank you, G.O.

Anyway, back to floors.

Most often, my beloveds have a light background, like this,

+ I think that’s what we’ll do:

Let’s face it.

If I’ve learned anything from my years of serial re-doing

if I’m obsessed about a design feature,

I won’t be happy with anything else.

So a flower tile bathroom floor, it is!

While  this ^^ isn’t technically a flower, it’s close,

+ it’s very pretty!

* * * *

Next up: bathtubs.

Since bathtubs are DULL . . .

unless we’re talking freestanding, which WE are not, sadly . . .

I usually just make G.O. pick one.

All I ask is that it be plain, to go with my plain Jane style.

But wait.

All things bathtub at Kay’s house may have taken a turn.

I’m obsessing again!

If you’ve gotta have a boring tub, why not trick it out with tile?

Am I right?

Or maybe even better (+ easier for G.O.),

how about some equally-charming bead board?

The Pinterest pin on which I saw this adorable-ness had a caption,

“It’s easier than you think!”

Of course, I pointed out said-same to G.O. when I showed him the idea.

Of course, he nixed the idea.

Of course, within seconds, he’d nixed the idea, as ALWAYS.

So stay tuned, as ALWAYS!

One response to “BATHROOM DESIGN CHOICES: Tile

  • Suzanne

    Love the free standing tub. Had a claw foot tub upstairs in the house on Main Street. Didn’t appreciate it at the time. Re-did G’s bathroom last year. Got rid of the tub and put in a large shower with granite walls & floor & smokey shower doors. Love it……love it…….love it!!!

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