G.O.’s + My Opposing Thoughts

Since I’ve always been the ‘different’ sister in our family of 3 girls . . .

(my college major? Art Education!  theirs?  Accounting!),

. . . I’m forever fascinated when 2 people see the same thing

but react to it in 2 totally different ways.

Take our backyard, please.


When I gaze out our kitchen window, I see a beautiful bed of golden leaves,

against which various + sundry items of my garden are ‘popping’ beautifully!

G.O., on the other hand, remarked,

“People will think I’m lazy (for not raking yet)”,

when he downloaded these photos for me this a.m.

* * * *

My sister, Kathy, remarked on our front yard’s Japanese maple,

loving the color + wishing theirs was as beautiful.


It’s beautiful, alright, but in my mind,

the color of another of our (3) Japanese maples

 has to be voted ‘Most Outstanding’!


Which one gets your vote?  Gold or red?

Notice how the scarlet leaves ‘pop’ beautifully against our dark brown fence:



More ‘popping’ against that fence:




Need I share that, when my friend, Alan, gave me this awesome birdhouse,

G.O. was crazy not digging it? . . .

. . . speaking of 2 people who view things in opposite ways!

To me, a vintage Purple Martin is an absolute treasure,

+ something I’ve always wanted!


To G.O., it’s just “more junk”.

Sadly, he does a lot of ix-naying my “junk”,  initially . . .

. . . but given time,  he’s usually swayed!

And this, ladies + germs, is what keeps our wacky relationship chugging along!


I’ll have to ask him if he, like me,

sees our Autumn backyard as beautiful . . .

. . . + his current thoughts about that Purple Martin house!

Stay tuned!


4 responses to “G.O.’s + My Opposing Thoughts

  • Dolores Larson

    The RED gets my vote! And of course G.O. likes you! Who else would put up with your constantly, creative, and changing brain? Have to admit I like old things too. Les built a picket fence around the asparagus patch, mainly to keep them from falling over into the lawn. It’s peeling and weathered now, and I love it! He thinks he should build a new one, or (gasp) buy a plastic one!

  • cardinalkay64

    LOL @ Dolores! Go back + re-read that last line where I’m asking if G.O. loves the backyard like I do, NOT if he likes me! Of course, he likes me! HA! + LOL, too, @ the (gasp) over a plastic fence! Just head to Pinterest + find dozens of photos of old, weathered fences + show Les! Maybe he’ll see the light! xo

  • Kathy

    I didn’t know about the red leaves, or I would have swooned over them. As gorgeous as the yellow/gold leaves are, the vivid red is certainly breathtaking. From your accounting major sister. Ha

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