Today’s big news re: our Dutch colonial project:

our replacement windows are here!

Now, THAT’S photo-worthy!

So where are the snapshots, you ask?

Unfortunately, I have none at this time,

but here’s a look-see at the profile we chose:

window grill -- farmhouse

They’re American Craftsman windows by Andersen

from the Home Depot,  + I blogged about said-same here:


* * * *
Meanwhile, 2 other ginormous projects are nearly complete, as well:
Sadly, I have no photos of said-same, because I’m sorry.
Plastic pipes are NOT exciting.
SO . . . let’s fast forward to bathroom stuff that is exciting!
Stuff like this:
Signature Hardware

Signature Hardware

I am in the midst of selecting groovies for our 2 downstairs bathrooms —
one full + another 1/2.
I blogged about our full bathroom here:
The coolest thing about it would be this pine cupboard
that we’ll be repurposing into an awesome vanity:
I don’t know about you, but to me,
that’s excitement ON A STICK!
Now, on to the 1/2 bath, or — as I like to call it — the powder room.
We only have space for the smallest of vanities.
By small, I mean 24″ wide.
Here’s what I’ve chosen, from IKEA:
bathroom vanity -- IKEA white
What do you think?
I think it’s plain Jane + Shaker style (right up my alley),
it’s modestly priced, + look at the drawers, people!
bathroom vanity -- IKEA with open drawer
They had me at ticking stripes!
As far as the vanity top is concerned,
those awesome Swedes DO offer something with the vintage style that I covet.
You can see said-same above, or here’s another view:
bathroom vantiy -- IKEA with country top
Nice, no?
I do like the style, but here’s the deal:
it comes with just a single faucet hole,
+ I’m  not the biggest fan of single faucets.
Even so, I forced  myself to search online for them,
 + I found a couple okay ones,
both from Signature Hardware:


Or brushed nickel?

Or brushed nickel?

But let’s face it — I’m trying not to settle for OKAY

for our Dutch colonial (even if our budget is tragically miniscule!)

Here’s what I want, instead:

Signature Hardware

Signature Hardware

Something widespread, please, with cross faucets.



Or metal with small porcelain accents?

Or metal with small porcelain accents?

While I’ve lost track of the # of bathrooms I’ve had over the years

with the porcelain crossi,

these days I am obsessed with the metal with porcelain accents.

They look more expensive.


* * * *

Lastly (is that even a word?), I will be tricking out our IKEA vanity even more

with one of these:

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

Yes, people, that’s the highly-coveted Carrera marble

with an under mount porcelain sink.

And speaking of highly coveted, look closely at the edge.

It’s called an ogee, + I couldn’t love anything more!

ogee edge


Talk about making something look more expensive!

We need to head to IKEA + get that vanity, stat,

after which,  measurements will be taken (by G.O., not me),

+ I can furtively order my faucet + marble top!

Stay tuned!

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