Designer Karin Blake

One of  my favorite interior designers is Karin Blake.

Architectural Digest magazine feels the same way,

as they recently named her one of their Top 100 Designers.

Here’s one reason why:

karin blake's malibu kitchen with red sashes #1

People.  This magnificence is the kitchen of her Malibu, CA cottage,

which is listed for sale for $3,795,000!

I just spied this photo yesterday in one of my favorite blogs,

Content In A Cottage.

Go there to see more gorgeous photos of Karin Blake’s folk art-filled cottage.

* * * *

Meanwhile, let’s talk about the obvious why I love her kitchen!

Here’s another look-see:

karin blake's malibu kitchen from dining room

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways!

1. all that fantastic FOLK ART! — 2. plain Jane white cabs

3. industrial stools — 4. butcher block countertops

5. farmhouse table with its red metal box

6. the highly-coveted vintage barber pole

and most of all

(yelled like Oprah)


karin blake's red sashes

I found a photo of her kitchen, PRE-red window sashes:

karin blake's malibu kitchen -- before red sashes!

Architectural Digest

This kitchen still puts the OUT in outstanding,

(+ I really, really want that bulls eye),

but check out the difference the red sashes make:

karin blake's malibu kitchen with red sashes #1

I think we’re all on board, here,

with how scrumptious RED can be.

karin blake's malibu kitchen with red sashes #2

All that bright, bright white makes the colors pop,

+ I’m re-thinking my gray walls for the next house.

Stay tuned!

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