French Striped Happiness From PB

Okay, I’ll admit it — I love Pottery Barn maybe a tad too much.

My friend, Alan, teases me about it all the time.

alan + kay in front of patina

Whatever.  It can’t be helped.

Not when Pottery Barn keeps churning out

Frenchie-striped happiness like this!

pottery barn red striped lampshades

More on those ^^ in just a bit.

* * * *

First, let’s look at some Frenchie-stripe PB groovies I already own:


Frenchie stripe Santa pillow
Frenchie stripe lampshade

This snapshot was taken on our enclosed front porch.

We just got that Eames recliner repro this past year,

+ G.O. made the lamp from an old surveyor’s tripod.

* * * *

But I digress.  Back to today’s morale boost order:

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

This sweet marble vanity top

will sit atop a plain Jane IKEA vanity in our new powder room:

bathroom vanity -- IKEA white

I blogged about said-same here:

* * * *

AND YES . . .

. . . I am also ordering 2 of these ticking stripe PB masterpieces:

pottery barn red striped lampshades

I have an old pair of Crate + Barrel candlestick lamps

that have kind of fallen off my favorites list.

The good news:

I just know these awesome shades

will make me super LOVE them again!

Stay tuned.

* * * *

Once they’re sporting their new shades,

my plans for my old Crate + Barrel lamps

 are to place them on one of these:

IKEA trestle table -- scraphacker

. . . which will go behind our sofa,

which will go in this large bay in our new living room:


I am officially on a spending high!

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