Red Leather Chair Obsession

Have you ever seen The Essentials on TCM?

TCM robert osborneTCM drew barrymore

Its current hosts, Robert Osborne + Drew Barrymore,

sit opposite each other in a pair of groovy, red leather chairs . . .

. . . about which I am crazily obsessed.

I failed when I searched for a photo of the set

+ those fabulous red chairs, to share with the class (darn!),

but this should give you an idea of their awesomeness:

red leather chair -- take 2 -- #2

I KNOW.  Swoon-worthy!

More about them + my obsession in just a sec.

TCM hosts of the essntials -- with alec

Alec Baldwin co-hosted from 2009-2011.
He’s back Monday night, January 6, 2014
to interview host Robert Osborne.
That’s MUST-WATCH TV when you’re me!

FYI:  The Essentials is a weekly film showcase,

airing on TCM on Saturday nights at 7 p.m. CST.

It spotlights a specific classic movie

+ contains a special introduction + post-movie discussion.

I couldn’t love it more.

* * * *
But back to my obsessions the chairs.

I spied this red leather beauty — the Mason — on World Market’s website,

when I was enjoying a bit of online shopping, way back in October.

I blogged about said-same, ’cause that’s how I roll:

* * * *

Anyway, I had another look-see just this past week,

+ the Mason is on sale for $279.99, down from an original $399.99!

red leather chair -- take 2 -- #4

Sure, there’s also a pesky $80 shipping surcharge

(per chair!!?? — I s’poze!!??) . . .

. . . but I thought maybe I could locate a couple

(fingers crossed!)

in one of World Market’s stores in the Chicagoland area,

shove them inside my Volvo wagon + save myself $160.

It’s worth a try, no?

red leather chair -- take 2 -- #3

Just thinking about having a pair of red leather chairs

makes me just as happy as can be, + personally, I think I deserve them!

red leather chair -- take 2 -- #5

That’s a LOT of pillows to sew (lil’ mama’s source of income),

+ I’m really not sure if I should splurge!

cabin christmas -- kay's army pillow

pillow -- st. louis


red leather chair -- take 2 -- #2


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