Amazing Bargain Countertops — Yay Or Nay?

SO, the January Amazing Bargain Issue of Country Living magazine is out.
It’s pretty amazing, alright — it’s one of their best, I’d say!
CL bargain issue cover
I think I was most intrigued by a bargain kitchen
in which the owners installed faux soapstone countertops.
Have a look-see for yourself, from CL‘s Facebook page:
CL kitchen with the plywood countertops
Instead of shelling out for (pricey) soapstone countertops,
fake the look with inexpensive plywood
coated in chalkboard paint
+ sealed with paste wax.
* * * *
How much does that idea rule???
(Please note those shelves + brackets; we’ll discuss them later.)
* * * *
Back to the countertops.
I was so smitten with the idea of faux soapstone
that I immediately shared with G.O.
Seems that “what rules” is in the eye of the project beholder,
as he nixed it immediately.
The humanity!
* * * *
But I digress.
While I plot to coerce him, let’s look at some soapstone kitchen counters:
absolute black granite #2
Sorry — didn’t get the source here.
soapstone counter -- kat dev
Kat Dev via Pinterest
* * * *
Perhaps you’ve noticed that both the CL kitchen + this one (above)
have similar open shelving + identical brackets.
* * * *
I found ’em for us!
Here they are, your Classic Iron Shelf Brackets
from Signature Hardware:
CL bargain issue -- shelf brackets
Talk about a bargain — these are priced at $7.95 – $11.95!
* * * *
As of this moment, I plan to use these in our own kitchen.
Please view said-same, in its current, “before” state:
Our kitchen island will end up in the approximate location of this 2x4.
Here’s my kitchen design sketch
(pardon the faintness; I didn’t realize I was going to share!)
kitchen sketch #1
As you can (barely) see,
my plans include open shelving
on at least one side of our restaurant-style range hood,
similar to the winning kitchen I shared:
soapstone counter -- kat dev
Kat Dev via Pinterest
* * * *
love it when a plan comes together!
Now, back to those faux soapstone countertops I want.
We now know that G.O. thinks they’re crazy.
What do you think?
As always, stay tuned!

8 responses to “Amazing Bargain Countertops — Yay Or Nay?

  • Stephanie

    I love soapstone counter tops. I’d be so tempted to splurge on the real thing. I’m wondering how those faux ones would hold up in a kitchen that gets a lot of use? We recently replaced our kitchen counter tops. My brother in law owns a custom kitchen cabinetry/counter top business, so we went through him. I think he’d travel your way! 😉 I can’t wait to see what you settle on!

    • cardinalkay64

      Ahem. I need to find a countertop guy in Chicagoland. Iwant to investigate honed absolute black granite for my kitchen counters. We’ll need something very light (marble or a manmade substitute?) for our black kitchen island. Ialsowant to replace the wood top of this cupboard with marble or a manmade substitute! What say ye? Can you recommend your brother’s biz to us, please?


  • staceyweichert

    Soapstone plans here for our kitchen remodel…..but I may try “the pretend soapstone” on something?!

  • cardinalkay64

    Stacey — don’t you think the faux soapstone makes for a great story? Or do we fear our houseguests would mock? 😉

  • Karen

    I just painted my counters with blackboard paint and they look great. Now to see how it stands up to use.

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