Online Shopping For My Wee Self

I find shopping in stores incredibly frustrating.

Not only is my taste kind of out there,

but I am so wee-sized, it’s almost impossible

to find anything at the mall +/or stores that FITS.

Hence, you have my intense infatuation for shopping online.

* * * *

For instance, take my glasses.  Please.

Sadly, most adult-size frames make me look a little like Fearless Fly:



There are children’s frames which work . . .

glasses frames -- hello kitty pink

. . . but just say NO to Hello Kitty!

I couldn’t believe my eyes (pun intended) last year,

when I spied my current “Wolf Blitzers” . . .

wolf blitzer

. . . in the kiddie section at the Mart of Wal (who knew!?)


I still like them okay,

but lately, it seems all the hipsters on TV

are sporting something round, glasses-wise.

Have you noticed?

Anyway, this means one thing in my little world.

Time for a change.

* * * *

Good luck with THAT,” I thought to myself,

before I finally had a light bulb moment.

DUH!  If online shopping works for petite-sized jeans,

why not give it a try for children-sized glasses!?

* * * *

Here’s what I ordered, just yesterday:

children's glasses frames

These were listed at $25.95, but with a sale,

I paid less than $20!

Fingers crossed they won’t make me look too much

like a menopausal owl, but what are the odds?!

* * * *

Oh, well . . . if my bargain frames are too hiddy, there are these:

$123-ish, no waiting.

children's glasses frames -- tommy hilfiger


* * * *

Oh, + my online frames ordering was quite the rush,

but it was eclipsed just this morning,

when I went online + ordered 2 faucets + 2 sinks!


2 responses to “Online Shopping For My Wee Self

  • staceyweichert

    We could go shopping together! I am often in the childrens section.
    Shoes, coats, proper length jeans…etc. Cleaned the 12 yr olds room, and I kept much of her out grown wardrobe!
    Love the peeps!

  • cardinalkay64

    ^5’s on the childrens department!
    I joke that I dress like a fashion-challenged P.E. teacher . . . + sometimes, I even have a little remorse . . . like when I’m the only wedding reception attendee who’s not wearing something “hoochie”.
    Did you see Diane Keaton in her Ralph Lauren tuxedo, at the Golden Globes the other night?
    This had me looking at photos of her fashion style throughout the years, which led to me feeling better about mine!
    K A Y

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