Exposed Shower + Tub Faucet Obsession

The Fed Ex boy brought this yesterday:

Signature Hardware

Signature Hardware

It’s the New York widespread faucet in chrome,

it’s going in our soon-to-be powder room.

I love its cross handles with the porcelain HOT + COLD.

When I showed it to G.O. just prior to ordering,

he was not amused + insisted I was paying too much.


This is his “I’m displeased” face.

But people.

This thing is so heavy,

I think even he was impressed!

* * * *

At any rate, it’s here,

+ soon it will be in this marble sink:

bathroom vanity top from pottery barn

Pottery Barn

I ordered it the same day that I ordered the faucet.

But seriously — how scary is ordering marble, sight unseen?

surprised boy

Have I gone MAD?!?!

Fingers crossed I’ll like it.  Stay tuned.

* * * *

Fingers also crossed the color of the marble will “play nicely”

with the white of its intended vanity:



G.O. picked this up at IKEA this afternoon.

It’s the HEMNES/ODENSVIK sink cabinet.

I love its plain Jane, Shaker style,

but more than that, its 2 drawers:

bathroom vanity -- IKEA with open drawer

Much better than the black hole

we now have!

under the sink mess

Disclaimer: this is not our mess.

Ours is probably worse.

* * * *

But I digress.

Let’s look at something a lot more pleasant,

like this:

bathtub exposed pipe shower + tub filler

It’s called an exposed shower + tub faucet

with a watering can shower head.

I just found it today,

+ I have never been more obsessed in my life!

I mean, it’s going to put our bathroom over the top!



No, I’ve not yet shared with G.O.,

but he’ll be shocked out of his senses at the price, when I do.

* * * *

Stay tuned.


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