Splurge v.s. Budget Light Fixtures

A new Rejuvenation lighting catalog landed in my mailbox yesterday,

which means I have a brand, new light fixture crush.

Take a look  — it’s called the Grandview:

Do you love its exposed pipe industrial-ness half as much as I do?

It reminds me of my shower faucet crush of just yesterday:

Swoon!  Yes, it’s a splurge,

but it’s a splurge I’m willing to make!

$ $ $ $ $

* * * *

But back to my light fixture.

Here’s my new crush with 3 shades:

rejuvenation light fixutre -- industrial wit 3 copper shades

$595. – $640.

This would be perfect

to hang above our kitchen island,

if only it wasn’t so spendy!

I don’t think that I can swing this splurge

unless I can start sewing pillows ’round-the-clock,

like these I just finished yesterday . . .


New dresser — fun photo op.
Sorry for the bad light.


. . . which are en route to here:


* * * *

Since I can’t sew pillows night + day,

I shall opt for my first, more affordable choice for kitchen island lighting —

this schoolhouse pendant from Home Depot:

home depot schoolhouse pendant #2

A mere $89.97 each

Nobody loves the classic schoolhouse light more than I do.

home depot schoolhouse pendant #1These are in stock at Home Depot,

so be sure + have a look-see the next time you’re there!

They have a very swell selection of budget-priced pendants,

+ I’ll bet you can find one that fits your décor!

home depot schoolhouse pendant #3

Meanwhile, how about you?

What’s the craziest splurge you made?

$ $ $ $ $

Was it worth it?

2 responses to “Splurge v.s. Budget Light Fixtures

  • Dolores

    My craziest splurge was a pr. of red leather boots from Coldwater Creek. Spent an arm and a leg on them, wore them once, then fell and broke my left kneecap and sprained my right ankle. The ankle swelling never went totally down, so putting them on was next to impossible. My granddaughter has them now, and she really rocks in them!

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