$129 Light Fixture v.s. $179 Light Fixture

I’ve been posting a lot about our downstairs bathrooms + kitchen

+ musing about when/if to splurge on fixtures for said-same.

My most recent high-low quandary?

The light fixture in our main bathroom.

Here’s the less expensive of the 2 I’m considering:

light fixture -- mercer from PB $3

Mercer Double Horizontal Sconce
Pottery Barn

We’ll have a look-see at the competition in just a moment.

First, here’s what’s brewing in that room so far.

We’ll repurpose this antique pine cupboard into a vanity:


Adding this simple, Shaker-style sink:

zink o' kohler for our pine cupboard -- home depot -- $150.60

Kohler Tresham drop-in sink
Home Depot

+ this beautiful — but sadly, a tad pricey — faucet,

which I’ve already ordered:

faucet -- efaucet.com Elizabethan Classic

Elizabethan Classic

Now, back to my light fixture conundrum.

We’ve seen my $129 choice from Pottery Barn.

Next up, the similarly styled but more “spendy” one,

@ $179 from Restoration Hardware:

light fixture -- RH -- #1

Vintage English Oval Double Sconce
Restoration Hardware
$179 in polished chrome

What I really like is the metal rim around the glass.

It looks kind of white here, but I’m pretty sure it’s chrome.

light fixture -- RH -- #2

* * * *

Once again, here’s the similar but less expensive PB light:

light fixture -- mercer from PB #1

Mercer Double Horizontal Sconce
Pottery Barn

light fixture -- mercer from PB $3

So.  There you have it.

2 similarly styled light fixtures

+ a “whopping”** $50 price difference.

(**I guess “whopping” is in the bank balance of the beholder.)

But enough about my troubles.  Back to the light fixtures.

Once again, @ $179:

light fixture -- RH -- #2


light fixture -- mercer from PB #1

For those keeping score at home,

I’m already “over budget” for this bathroom.

Remember — there’s that pesky $275.40 faucet that’s en route;

here ’tis again:

faucet -- efaucet.com Elizabethan Classic

But wait.  There’s more.

I have already determined that it is imperative

that we I splurge on this faucet, too:

bathtub exposed pipe shower + tub filler

Exposed pipe shower + tub faucet
with watering can shower head
Signature Hardware

SO.  At this point, I dunno what I’ll do re: the light situation.

Today I’m furiously sewing Los Angeles pillows . . .

pillow -- l.a.

. . . for this pretty gal’s gallery in Los Angeles:

co-op 28 owner marci siegel

Owner Marci Siegel
Co-op 28 Gallery in Los Angeles

co-op 28

Hey! It’s their “shop dog”,
POPCORN the Dalmatian!

May I recommend an interesting article about the gallery?


* * * *

But back, once more, to my light fixture situation —

I guess I’ll just have to keep my nose on the pillow making grindstone,

keep my fingers crossed + see how “flush” I am

when it’s time to order!

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on the light fixtures?

Is the RH light with the metal rim worth $50 more

than its almost-identical twin from PB?

Stay tuned!

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