OOPSIE — Math Mistake At Kay’s

Oh, dear.

There seems to have been a bit of a math mistake at Kay’s house.


“Imagine that,” sez the gal who received a gift D- in h.s. Algebra

(meaning that, in reality, I no doubt failed miserably).

But back from 1966 . . . let’s see what my most recent math mistake entails!

Go ahead.  Have a look-see at my shame.

THIS was ordered . . .

bathroom vanity top from pottery barn

Pottery Barn

. . . with best-laid plans for it fitting on top of THIS:




* * * *

surprised boy

* * * *

D I S C L A I M E R :

Yes, my math skills are lacking, but honest! —

G.O. + I sat down together + carefully compared measurements

before I placed any orders!


Here we are in “happier” days.

The good news is that, when these sorts of mishaps occur,

I’m so used to it,

+ dare I say somewhat expecting it?,

I don’t really get upset or fret (much).

The even better news is that, G.O. didn’t seem mad (much)!

* * * *

Sure, he barked out orders that I STOP placing any online orders.

* * * *

+ within seconds of his doing so,

I found this cottage lusciousness

on Wayfair.com:

wayfair cottage vanity


I know!!!!

It’s perfect, + I’ve never seen anything so cool!

So what if it doesn’t have the drawer space the IKEA vanity has?


Don’t worry — this vanity’s going upstairs,
so all is definitely not lost!

A powder room doesn’t require massive amounts of drawer space!

Let’s look again:

wayfair cottage vanity

How much $$, you ask?

Sadly, it’s a tad over budget at $400-something,

but there is a 10% discount on my first order

+ the always-appreciated free shipping!

* * * *

What . . . a . . . blunder!

“Real” bloggers don’t do this sort of thing, do they?

Will I be issued a hefty fine by the blogging police?

Worse yet, does this mean my blog license will be revoked?

Will G.O. mock me for this + I laugh about this together, later?

Stay tuned!


3 responses to “OOPSIE — Math Mistake At Kay’s

  • Kathy

    Ruh roh. Hope plan B works out better!

  • Dolores

    Both are cool, but I prefer the second one!

  • cardinalkay64

    Dolores — I am obsessing about that cottage vanity, + the more I shop, the better it seems! I’ve really never seen anything quite like it! When I showed it to G.O., he sneered about it not being practical (storage), but seriously. It’s for the powder room! Yesh, of course, I told him THAT, too! Good X’s! I really need to order it TO-day, because sites like Wayfair + Overstock don’t have their merch forever. If you see something you like, it’s best to order it, stat. xo

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