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Industrial Style BBQ Restaurant in Chicago

Is it wrong to dine at a restaurant because of its awesome industrial interior?

Maybe not.

Here’s Lillie’s Q BBQ restaurant in Chicago:

lilliesQ interior front

Subway tile wall, rustic mirror, Tolix chairs + bar stools
industrial light fixtures — check!

 I pretty much want to move in at this point.

lillies Q sinks

  If only I could have taken this vintage sink home with me!


These very cool industrial lights were fabricated from
old pulleys + meat hooks (get it? BBQ restaurant?)
+ plenty of Edison bulbs.

lillies Q sauces + mason jar

Their signature BBQ sauces are in cool tins at every table.
You can buy jars at the restaurant or on!
All drinks are served in cute Mason jars, too.

So.  Don’t tell me.

You’ve got your car keys in your hand,

+ you’re ready to drive to Chicago + dine at Lillie’s Q,

just because the decor’s so awesome.

It would be worth the trip . . .

. . . but WAIT!

The food is beyond FAN-tastic, too!  Just feast your eyes on this:

lillies Q pork sandwich

lillies Q cornbread

Everything’s served on cool metal trays.
The cornbread comes in its own little cast iron skillet,
served with a savory, peppery butter in a cute jar.

lillies Q salad with pulled pork

Lillie’s Q salad with pulled pork.

lillies pulled pork + fries

More of that de-lish pulled pork,
this time served with sweet potato fries.

lillies more meat

Calling all carnivores!

lillies food to use

Show of hands — who needs a bib now?


Here’s what we ordered when we dined at Lillie’s Q just this week:


G.O. had some Memphis tacos + 2 sides,
while I ordered mac ‘n cheese
with pulled pork tips in it!

BTW, that serving was heap-ing; I took about 1/2 of it home!

* * *

If you’re thirsty, Lillie’s Q has a cool bar

with an awesome drinks menu:

So.  When can you get to Chicago?

lillies signage

Call me, + I’ll meet you at Lillie’s Q!

lillies Q front facade

It’s located in the Bucktown neighborhood,

1856 W. North Avenue in Chicago,

just west of the Kennedy Expressway

* * *

There’s a Destin, Florida location, too!

lilliesQ destin fl

I’ve heard really good things about the hipness of Destin.

Have you been?  Share with the class!

I could use a Florida get-a-way!

Watson Kennedy in Seattle

The weather guy forecasted sub-zero temps for to-day,

which means I am in serious need of a morale boost,

whether I leave the house or not (+ I’m not.)

So.  To that end, I just ordered this:

mug measuring stick


From Watson Kennedy, a shop in Seattle.

watson kennedy

I first knew of this store when, years ago, Country Living magazine

profiled its owner, Ted Watson Kennedy,

watson kennedy -- ted

Looks like he’s written a book,

which comes out May 6th.

watson kennedy new book


If you order it from the Watson Kennedy website,

it will arrive with his signature, which is always a good thing.

I have a feeling it will be worth having,

based on how much I enjoy Ted’s daily blog posts:

watson kennedy blog

His enthusiasm + his attention to detail —

in his shops + homes — are so inspiring!

It really makes a gal like me want to step up her game!

Have a look-see — what do you think?

More Red + White Signage

Yesterdee (that’s how they say it in St. Louis, I swear)

I posted about my collection of much-loved red signs.

My friend, Tal, gave me this for my birthday one year.

This birthday present from a few years back
rests on the woodwork in our kitchen.

A mere hour or so after I posted,

I realized to my horror (J/K) that I forgot to include

my most prized red sign of all:


This is 2-sided + says ROCKFORD on the other side.

We pretty much think this was in a bus or train station.

Why do I love it so?

Well, St. Louis is my homeland,

+ at the time, I lived 20-ish miles s.w. of Rockford, Illinois.

Speaking of “needing” something — how could I resist

(even though I think I paid $95 for it!!)

surprised boy

What can I say?  I was single at the time

+ could buy anything I wanted!

* * *

This happiness occurred when we lived in the groovy apartment

that I built above my old retail store.

My ST. LOUIS/ROCKFORD sign hung on the ceiling beam

just over my head in this snapshot from long ago:

christmas -- apartment -- kay in squalor living room

Circa 1993 — maybe 94

My plans for hanging it in our Dutch colonial project

involve yet another (future) beam,

which will hang between our dining room + kitchen.


Just above G.O.’s head.


Re: that beam.

I’m still on the fence about whether or not to investigate the price

they’re charging these days for salvaged beams.

Methinks I probably should.

Stay tuned.

* * *

Meanwhile, let’s have a look-see at another red+ white sign of mine:



I love this one, too!

I made it myself, back in my letterpress phase.

It was also the era in which I most recently had a brick+mortar retail space.

Here’s 1 of 3 that I made, hanging outside our shop(s):


Here’s the larger version:


Right now, these beauties (if I do say so)

are languishing in our cellar hide-a-way,

but I think these need to be included in our home + garden décor . . .

. . . if not here + now, then FO SHO in the Dutch colonial!

Stay tuned!

Do I Need A Red EXIT Arrow?

Today I finally renewed a bunch of magazine subscriptions

+ ordered a pair of these Frenchie striped shades from Pottery Barn:

pottery barn red striped lampshades

I then spied this repro signage on Facebook

+ immediately thought: I NEED THAT!

I have the perfect spot for it in our Dutch colonial’s kitchen —

just to the right of our back door!

* * * *

BUT WAIT!  I have a few questions before I order.

1. Is less really more?

2.  Am I merely on a spending high?

3. Will this item’s faux “aged-ness” end up mocking me?

* * * *

Oh, dear.  So many worries.

Let’s back up a tad + discuss the reasons why I need it.




Most of the signs that I have are genuinely old,

as I tend to dislike anything that’s obviously faux.

My friend, Tal, gave me this for my birthday one year.

My friend, Tal, gave me this for my birthday one year.


I’m elderly+ suffer from CRS so I can’t recall where I got this.

Last but not least — just outside our powder room

hangs this fab, 2-sided LADIES sign:


I bought this at a favorite local shop:

* * * * *

SO . . . you are starting to see why I need the sign, no?

Here ’tis again:

exit signage -- dotandbo

This brings us to REASON #2 why I need it:


Look at these!


Sorry for the yellow.


This is a vintage weathervane arrow;

it used to spin atop one of our fence posts before coming inside.

I recently traced said-same + made my own stencil,

as I decided it was time I jumped aboard the arrow-in-home-décor bandwagon.



* * * *

But I digress, as is my way.

Here’s yet another weathervane arrow:


It’s my favorite because of the old red paint.  Love old red paint.

* * * *

Now, then — when I bought this next arrow, I broke my “no faux” rule.

I saw the artisan who made it at the Market Square wholesale show

in Valley Forge, PA + bought it from her.


Sorry for the yellow.

Wish I could remember her or her biz name,

but I do recall that her arrows were sold

in the fabulous Sundance catalog at one time!


* * * *

And finally, REASON #3 why I need the exit arrow:



Speaking of winning . . .

 G.O. has already hard-wired a box

on the ceiling of our Dutch colonial kitchen, by the back door,

+ we’ll be taking my EXIT signage when we move!

* * * *

So what do you think?  Should I order the EXIT arrow?

exit signage -- dotandbo

Stay tuned!

Frenchie Stripe Obsession

So.  Everybody knows that ‘old people’ love their routines,

which explains why every morning, like clockwork,

I head to Pinterest + gaze at whatever I’m currently obsessing about.

Today I enjoyed all sorts of Frenchie striped linens;

here are but a few:



Unknown But, if those letters are "K K", that's my monogram!


If these initials are K K, as I suspect they are, that’s my monogram!

I think I need that pillow, don’t you?  (As if I could afford it.)

* * *

Yes, most vintage French stripe linens are over my budget, sadly.

What to do, then, when one is me?

Well, there are some lovely reproductions out there.

Here’s one:

I’m a fan of the new upholstery fabric

with what appears to be an authentic vintage linen pillow!

* * * *

And attention, all my St. Louis-area  peeps!

This yummy shop, Gingham Buffalo, is in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Their gray wall + pair of striped chairs rules my world!

* * *

Meanwhile, ’tis quite often that my obsessions find their way

to my pillow making biz.

Yesterday I blogged about all things Hudson’s Bay . . .

striped pillows

. . . + I shared that I’m obsessing about making my own version

of Hudson’s Bay style pillows.  YUM!

* * * *

But wait!

have been making my own versions of Frenchie stripe pillows for years;

here are 3 that I sewed just last week!

I always use vintage buttons for my closures; these are black metal.

I cut my own stencils of Frenchie stripes + hand stencil them on canvas:


* * * *

Another side closure with more gray vintage metal buttons.

You can just glimpse the ticking stripe fabric lining:

* * * *

Finally, this rectangular Frenchie measures 21″ long x 12.5″

+ has a button + loop closure that I made for the first time!

I think it turned out well:


* * *

Well, that was fun!

Sharing with the class always is!

Time for me to get my nose to the sewing grindstone!

Hudson’s Bay Blanket Love

When one is me, one never knows when design inspiration will strike.

This week, I was struck on Facebook — not once but twice.

First up was my Canadian BFF, Sarah Richardson . . .

sarah richardson

. . . who shared that this winter’s Canadian Sochi Olympics team

was being outfitted by the Hudson’s Bay Company!

Check it out . . . you can even buy your own Olympics wool duffle coat:

Regularly $275,
now on sale for a mere $199

* * * *

Speaking of coats — also on Facebook last week,

one of my favorite vintage shops

Betty’s in Morris, Illinois

posted she had this vintage Hudson’s Bay jacket!


Now, there’s your iconic, striped Hudson’s Bay blanket,

the one with which we’re all familiar, am I right?



* * * *

I remember having recently seen these towels from Pendleton:

Only they don’t call them “Hudson’s Bay” towels;

on Pendleton’s website they’re Glacier National Park towels!

* * * *

Quickly,  my mind raced back to a photo

I’d seen in Country Living magazine,

in which a pair of Hudson’s Bay blankets were hung as drapes:

hudson bay curtains

Hubba hubba!

* * * *

And soon, I was off on an online trip

to find yet more Hudson’s Bay inspiration!

The treasure trove of all things Hudson’s Bay can be found

in the Hudson Bay Collection, here:

People.  Hudson’s Bay bedding?!   Yesh, please!

striped flannel sheets

If my budget was just a tad larger than it currently is

I’d get myself this awesomeness:



Or, for a lot less, how about a stylish umbrella that no one else will have?



I could order a hipster travel mug for G.O.

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart?

striped travel mug

Or I could just order a pair of these mugs:

Only $7 each

Only $7 each

And for our doggies:

Regularly $45 Clearance $31.50

Regularly $45
Clearance $31.50

Somebody pass me my credit card!

* * * *

But wait!

There’s lots more online Hudson’s Bay merch!.

For babies!

FarmFreshBaby hats
OMG — you have got to head to this shop
+ see all the adorable-ness!

baabaabaxsheep on etsy
Please. If you love north woods ANY-thing, you must check out this shop!

* * * *

For the wackiest of Hudson’s Bay apparel . . .

. . . there’s even footwear!

$120 Jack Purcell for Converse

Jack Purcell for Converse

Hudson's Bay booties

Hudson’s Bay booties

Disclaimer:  these shoes have been out for a while;

the sizes are very limited for the Converses.

* * * *

This adorableness wins the prize

for most unusual Hudson’s Bay merch:

A wacky pin cushion!

I love it!

* * * *

In my opinion,

for the pinnacle of Hudson’s Bay merch,

one must head to Pinterest + search for

Hudson’s Bay blanket upholstery projects!

Hudson's Bay Thonet Chair by modernhause on etsy

Hudson’s Bay Thonet Chair
Mid-century modern your thing? Check out this shop on etsy:

Source unkown

Source unkown

Yes, you can even buy pillows from Hudson’s Bay blankets . . .

. . . but now I’m pondering how I might incorporate their iconic stripes

into some pillow projects of my own!

Stay tuned!

Blue + White Plate Morale Boost

Yesterdee I complained about coming down with the winter blues.

While this a.m. seems a tad brighter, I could still use a pick-me-up.

Cue: Pinterest . . .

. . . search for  ‘blue + white plates’,

+ here you have it.

Could I love something more?

I really doubt it.

Next . . . onward to etsy for another “blue + white plate” search, + voila.

blue and white floral plate

$5 from!

That’s a pretty sizable morale boost for $5 (plus $4.95 shipping!)

What have you done to try + chase away your winter blues?

My Round Lawn Love


I’ve somehow managed to stay cheerful + upbeat all winter,

but not so much today.

Yes, sadly,  I finally have the full-blown winter blues.

It’s now past time to gas up the car + point it SOUTH!

* * * *

Since we’re otherwise occupied + sadly, must remain up north,

near Chicago (a.k.a. the arctic circle),

I must seek out this sort of online morale boost:

round lawn

When I spied this little gem on Pinterest yesterday,

I swooned + immediately thought of another round lawn I’d seen

in a long-ago (May/June 2007) issue of Cottage Living magazine** RIP.

**Yes, of course, I saved it all my CL mags!   (Much to G.O.’s dismay!)

Here’s the cover:


Here’s the lawn:


Whee!  Bad photo, but you get the idea.

This bit of perfection is near Cape Neddick, Maine

+ was designed by its owner, Thomas Lovejoy.

There he is:


Is anyone as wowed as I am at the way he mows in a circle??

 * * * *

All I know is that,

ever since I first saw that round garden in Cottage Living,

I’ve longed to have one of my own!

Here’s yesterday’s inspiration again:

round lawn


Wow, those edging bricks, laid in a soldier course!  Genius!

I’m especially glad — now — that I insisted we salvage our old bricks

from the torn-out chimney in our Dutch colonial fixer:


Dare I hope that we have enough bricks

so that we’re able to complete not 1 but 2 projects —

edging for my proposed round lawn and a patio —

as done by these landscaping winners?:

round lawn with brick patio

Please.  I love it!

Here’s one more round lawn:

round lawn with paver border -- pinterest


I’m almost as fond of this stone edging as I am of the brick.

Doesn’t it define the lawn’s roundness

+ give its edges awesome crispness?

* * * *

Meanwhile, my plans for the rest of the day

include fantasizing about having a round lawn in our new yard.

Hurry UP, spring!  (As if.)

Stay tuned!

Light Fixture Fun: Mixing Metals Or No?

Well, our downstairs bath + powder room

 finally have their drywall up + running.


Powder room in progress

This means one thing:

THE . . . END . . . IS . . . SEMI-NEAR!!!

* * * *

I couldn’t be more pleased

+ will be ordering some fun stuff within the hour.

Pass me my credit card!

* * * *

First, let’s have a look-see

at some items that I’ve already ordered!

For the powder room, in old-school polished chrome**

(**which I love because it looks so vintage):

Signature Hardware New York Widespread

Signature Hardware
New York Widespread

+, speaking of looking vintage — honed marble for the vanity top:

bathroom vanity top from pottery barn

Pottery Barn

Yesh, I did order something marble, sight-unseen,

which, I know, is crazy —

but the good news is that it’s perfection!

* * * *

But back to  today’s spending spree.

To hang over our powder room sink, I shall order this pendant light fixture,

(also in polished chrome):

Westmore Schoolhouse Pendant Lowe's $151

Westmore Schoolhouse Pendant

Nobody loves the schoolhouse light fixture more than I do,

+ I’m fond of this one’s small scale for a small room.

* * * *

Meanwhile, for our main bath,

last summer we found this IKEA medicine cab in their “as-is” section,

at a mere $80!

Hemnes $170

Regularly $170

My plans are to de-fuse its IKEA-ness a tad

by tricking it out with this DIY project:

medicine cabinet tricker outer

I want our cab to be extended all the way to the ceiling,

as that’s what I think would make it look most original to the house.

I’ve got to find something awesome for door pulls, too.

Stay tuned.

* * * *

Back to light fixtures.

This was my first choice to hang in front of the IKEA medicine cab:

Seagull Sydney Pendant Lowe's in golden pewter

Seagull Sydney Pendant
in golden pewter**

(**I’ve never seen “golden pewter” before, but I think I’d like it.)

But I worry!

Is the fixture too large?

Would it overpower our small space?

Well . . .

. . . methinks that the only way to be sure is to add it to today’s order

+ give it a test-spin in our space!

* * * *

While I’m ordering/comparison shopping,

could send for a pair of these:

Westmore 5" pendant Lowe's Polished chrome

Westmore 5″ pendant
Polished chrome

There’s my go-to metal — polished chrome — again.

* * * *

But wait!

Lately, I find myself being lured by other, warmer metals,

like antique copper:



+ antique brass:

No doubt about it — these are the next “IT” tones for metal,

+ I’m LOV-ing them!

With that in mind, here’s what I’ll order:

Chadwick 6" pendant light Lowe's $171.15 Antique copper

Chadwick 6″ pendant light
Antique copper

Those would make me happy every time I gazed at them!

* * * *

I worry, though.

Must I match my metals?

single hole faucet -- Wesley -- $169 -- signature hardware

Or may I use this polished chrome faucet

in the same room as my antique copper lights?

* * * *

Right now, I’m leaning toward mixing things up.

That’s subject to change, of course.

Stay tuned.



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