Progress! Of The Drywall Persuasion

Most of the drywall is up + at ’em at the Dutch colonial!

Won’t be long now for the really fun things to start happening!

Before we gaze at all this exciting drywall,

let’s look back at my sketch for our downstairs powder + main bathroom,

as we’ll view them first:


Everything remains exactly the same,
except there’s no door between the 2 rooms.

Here’s the power room, all decked out in drywall:


This room was created when we eliminated a former hallway,

so it’s a bland, white box right now.

My goals:

1. tone down the silo effect

 2. give the room some character

3. make it look original to the house.

Here’s one idea for doing all of the above:

bathroom wainscoting -- hooked on

I’m also contemplating wallpaper, which I love.

 Stay tuned for more on that.

* * * *

Next up: more progress just next door, in the main bath:


Oh, dear.  Can a tub look dorky?

It can if I say it does.

Here’s a plan to change ours from dorky to fab — a makeover with bead board!

Yes, please!!

I’ve shown this to G.O., who has already vetoed it.

Stay tuned, though.

* * * *

Back to the drywall.

Not only has it been hung,

but so has the backer board for the shower surround tile.


The all-important style of that tile will be determined later,

but knowing me, I think I’ll opt for classic, plain Jane white subways . . .

. . . tricked out with matching special tiles for around the window,

like here:

bathroom window in tile

The tile floor in the main bath:

tile -- main bathroom

We ordered this from Amazon, + it’s already here.

* * * *

Back to the main bath.

Just to the right of the dorky tub is the toilet + sink wall.

You can spot the plumbing for both, here:


L: toilet R: vanity + sink

* * * * *

Our next photo’s been taken from the vanity location,

looking out + into the adjacent bedroom.

This opening will be a space-saving pocket door.

You can see the “pocket” at the right.


Now, please view the narrow wall space between the door + tub.

We have ourselves a vintage metal floor cabinet which will go there.

It’s kind of like this, but without the glass door:

bath-medicine cabinet BHG

G.O. found it on his own!!!

More about that later.

* * * *

Next up, here’s a photo taken from the bedroom,

looking past the same pocket door + into the main bathroom.


* * * *

This next photo (below) was snapped from the middle of the bedroom.

Look at all the doors!


At far left is the pocket door to the main bathroom,

+ at far right is the bedroom closet.

In the middle, closest door is the main entry to the bedroom,

+ just beyond is the entry door to the powder room.

* * * *

I fear I’ve lost everyone, but here’s that sketch of mine again.

See the shadow at the bottom of the photo?

That’s the bedroom.


* * * *

I also fear that you are yawning already, with the dull drywall,

wondering, “WHAT!?  WHY?!  WHO CARES!?” . . .

. . . well, here’s a reminder of what the bathroom(s) looked like,


Are words necessary here?  I think not!

Now you know why I’m excited!

Stay tuned!


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