For those keeping score at home,

we are now in Year 2 of our Dutch colonial project.

There has been a flurry of activity inside, involving a lot of drywall.

While that’s a lot of hard work + great progress,

sadly, it’s just not that photogenic.

* * *
Recently, our attention has turned to our exterior, at long last.

Here’s what she looks like now:


We just got a bid on wrapping + siding the house,

+ I couldn’t be more pleased.

* * *

This means that I’ve been pondering exterior colors,

which is pretty much fun on a stick!

I love Dutch colonials with light first stories + dark uppers, like here:

dutch colonial darker upper story


and here:

dutch colonial with gray shingle 2nd story


I am really drawn to white with gray.

This isn’t a Dutch colonial, but it’s the same idea, + I love it.

white + gray hacienda

* * *

Meanwhile, even though I’m 95% sure I want white with gray,

once in a while I entertain the idea of something else, like this:

Country Living magazine

Country Living magazine

I love red houses!


But I dunno . . . red’s a major commitment I don’t think I can make.

I fear that our Dutch colonial’s barn-like shape with RED would be a cliché.

* * *

Maybe it’s because it’s finally spring here,

+ this year, I’m seeing pastel colors just about everywhere . . .

. . . + I’ve always loved pale yellow houses, like here:

Country Living magazine

Country Living magazine

How could you not be in a good mood, as cheerful as this is?

Same here:



It certainly looks great paired with white!

I love the white vertical siding + dovecote (faux birdhouse in the gable)!

Oh, well, I don’t have to decide TO-day, but soon.

Stay tuned!




  • Dolores

    All of your ideas and pictures look good. I like red too, but didn’t want the house to look like a barn, so painted the front door red to get my ‘red fix.’ Works for me!

    • KAY

      Hola Delores!
      My very first house, when I was a wee lass of 18 or 19, was gray with white trim . . . + you guessed it! . . . a red front + back door!

  • Sue

    I also liked the red house but agree that it might be too barn-like. Maybe the yellow with a red door would work?

  • staceyweichert

    Well, go figure….I want this house RED when we reside!!!
    I have an envelope of red swatches! 🙂
    What ever color you pick, it’s going to be awesome…can’t wait!

    • cardinalkay64

      HA @ envelope of red swatches!
      You know, that red is one tricky paint color.
      It has a tendency to go horribly wrong.

      • staceyweichert

        I know…I once had a red door on my little Rabbit Run Cottage shed…painted it 4 times.
        Love grey’s too, but we have ugly grey vinyl siding now and just can’t repeat that color.
        Such decisions…I’m a bit farther off than you on the siding. 🙂
        Excited for you!

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