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Oh, dear.  I’ve changed my mind, yet again.

This is the very thing that upsets poor G.O.


I’ve decided against my original color choice for our front doors.

My starter plan was to use this pretty pale blue:

blue brittany

Brittany blue by Benjamin Moore

I wanted to complement the darker blue of our garden shed,

which, as you can see, is quite visible from the front of the house.

Oh, + there are our front doors, too.


(Insert snarky comment about the blue trash can

color-coordinating with our house.)

* * *

Back to our shed + front door colors.

Here they are, side by side:

blue spruce





Beautiful, no?


When viewing the house as a whole, there is a lot of paleness going on,

but there are also 2 very prominent, very dark features!


The charcoal gray metal roof  out front:


Here it is while the siding goes up, protected with cardboard:



Our black roof.

I mean, HELL-O!  There’s a lot of roof on our house!


Here’s what I think:

Black doors.


Here’s why:


 Our house looks a tad top-heavy,

because all the black is way up high.

That black roof, especially, kind of looks like it doesn’t belong on this house.

We need something black on the lower level.



 The rule of ‘three’.

You know that rule, don’t you?

When one chooses an accent color,

one should repeat that accent color  THREE TIMES.

Something about one’s eye being able to travel uninterrupted

throughout the space.

I shall be doing the same thing inside our house, with the color red.


Front Door Color!

Our siding is going up, + the good news is that I love it!

Here’s the finished 2nd story, out back:


SO.  The bad news?

Well, it’s not that bad — but now, in comparison,

the rest of our project looks even worse.

The humanity!

Take the original wooden storm doors.



I’ve decided to paint them a pale blue,

which will look great with all the white + pale gray.

I also want them to ‘play nicely’ with the blue of our garden shed,

as it’s visible from the front of the house.

Here ’tis, as of yesterday,

after we did a little landscaping to boost my morale:


My old trellis section, pedestal + urn, with some new lavender + mulch

We painted the shed last summer, using Benjamin Moore’s Blue Spruce.

blue spruce

To choose a complementary pale blue on our front doors,

I opted to consult the same color chart that the Blue Spruce was on:

2nd from top on the left

Blue Spruce is 2nd from top, on the left

I liked Santorini Blue (3 shades down from Blue Spruce):

 blue -- santorini


Front doors color, handled!

Now let’s have a look-see at some blue doors I spied on Pinterest.

These beauties reaffirmed my choice of a pale blue door!

Melissa Reading on Pinterest

Melissa Reading on Pinterest


blue door pinned by alison johnston

Alison Johnston on Pinterest

Time to head to the Ben Moore paint store in town

Stay tuned!


1st Story Siding Is Up + Running!

Progress at the Dutch colonial!

Its first story is now sporting white clapboard siding!


We chose 3″ white clapboards, as that was original to the house.

Disclaimer: I say “we” chose white, but it was my idea.

G.O. was not on board at first,

nor has he completely been won over — YET.

cat fight

I’m sorry, but this makes me smirk!

In fact, on more than one occasion,

when chit chatting with passersby,

G.O. has remarked, “That’s a LOT of white, isn’t it?”



Thankfully, everybody’s been pretty gung-ho about “all that white”, so far.

On Saturday afternoon, I over heard a guy-neighbor saying to G.O.,

It looks like an old farmhouse!”

Um.  YAY.

That’s what I had in mind!

* * *

Anyway, speaking of “old farmhouse”, I chose to further evoke that look

with a siding change for our house’s back entry.


I’m guessing this structure is not original to the house,

which prompted the switch out.

I want our house to look as if it evolved over time.


* * *

I can’t WAIT to get a light fixture hung over the door.

This morning, I’ll grab my credit card + order this  from Home Depot:

lighting -- kitchen over sink gilded iron

I think it goes with my “old farmhouse” vibe,

+ that black is really going to pop against “all the white”!

We/meaning I chose black for the garage doors . . .


cat fight

Couldn’t resist. 🙂

. . . so our back entry door

will soon be sporting some black paint of its own:


Stay tuned!

MARCO POLO in SW Michigan

This past Friday, my friend, Alan, + I took a day trip

 to Harbor Country in SW Michigan.

Who knew?!

A gorgeous, sandy beach — right here in the Midwest?!

harbor country beach

That’s right!

It’s only a couple hours drive from Chicago!

harbor country map

Alan vacations there frequently.

Who wouldn’t want to spend the day at that beach?

But wait.  There’s more.

Harbor Country has the coolest antiques stores . . .

 . . . the coolest of which is


in Harbert


13565 Red Arrow Highway

Harbert, MI


marco polo exterior

Marco Polo is in a stunning, rustic/modern building

with board + batten siding + a corrugated metal roof.

Of course, you’ll find yourself longing to live there!  I know I did.

marco polo interior

Inside there is a carefully curated selection of mind-blowing antiques.

marco polo interior tourist home sign

The stunning, immaculate property also includes a barn,

which, on the day we visited, was filled with discounted pieces.

I brought home a pair of lamps made from old car jacks.

(Disclaimer: please disregard the errant lampshade in this photo!)


Silly me.

I errantly assumed that my new Frenchie-stripe lampshades

 would play nicely with my new lamps.

Sadly, they’re too top heavy for those narrow jacks.

(Stay tuned!)

* * *

While I ponder my lampshade shopping options,

check out these fantastic antiques

(from Marco Polo’s website.)

Wooden 1930's truck

Wooden 1930’s truck

This truck has been sold, as have all the other items I’m sharing.

I don’t have current photos

because I seem to have forgotten my camera that day.

Switchboard stool

Switchboard stool

If you find yourself loving anything here, trust me.  You’d love the store!

Parts drawers with original labels

Parts drawers with original labels

Hickory rocker I've always wanted one of these!

Hickory rocker
I’ve always wanted one of these!

Early 20th c. wallpaper table

Early 20th c. wallpaper table

Boat house numbers

Boat house numbers. Seriously. How fabulous is something like this as a statement piece?

Farm pantry cabinet I love mixing primitives with modern!

Farm pantry cabinet
I love mixing primitives with modern, + I’m super crushing on that white metal stool!

Folky wooden birdhouse

Folky wooden birdhouse

1930's teal lockers

1930’s teal locker

Michigan sign

Michigan sign Nobody loves the chippy, golden yellow paint more than I do!

Train porter's steel stool with my favorite of all the old paint -- red!

Train porter’s steel stool
with my favorite of all the old paint — red!

Metal 2-piece bakery stand

Metal 2-piece bakery stand


 These photos are just the tip of the iceberg, if you will.

Their website has dozens + dozens more photos

of amazing antiques.

Go there:

Then, go here:

harbor country map #2









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