Oh, dear.  I’ve changed my mind, yet again.

This is the very thing that upsets poor G.O.


I’ve decided against my original color choice for our front doors.

My starter plan was to use this pretty pale blue:

blue brittany

Brittany blue by Benjamin Moore

I wanted to complement the darker blue of our garden shed,

which, as you can see, is quite visible from the front of the house.

Oh, + there are our front doors, too.


(Insert snarky comment about the blue trash can

color-coordinating with our house.)

* * *

Back to our shed + front door colors.

Here they are, side by side:

blue spruce





Beautiful, no?


When viewing the house as a whole, there is a lot of paleness going on,

but there are also 2 very prominent, very dark features!


The charcoal gray metal roof  out front:


Here it is while the siding goes up, protected with cardboard:



Our black roof.

I mean, HELL-O!  There’s a lot of roof on our house!


Here’s what I think:

Black doors.


Here’s why:


 Our house looks a tad top-heavy,

because all the black is way up high.

That black roof, especially, kind of looks like it doesn’t belong on this house.

We need something black on the lower level.



 The rule of ‘three’.

You know that rule, don’t you?

When one chooses an accent color,

one should repeat that accent color  THREE TIMES.

Something about one’s eye being able to travel uninterrupted

throughout the space.

I shall be doing the same thing inside our house, with the color red.


8 responses to “CHANGE O’ PLANS — AGAIN

  • Kathy

    I was fearful of the light paint color for the door. While I still vote for a pop of color, at least the darker door will add some visual interest and contrast. Good choice … unless you change your mind again. ha!

  • cardinalkay64

    HA is right. What are the odds that I will change my mind again?
    But seriously. When I walked over yesterday, that black roof just looked out of place! The good news is that NO pale blue paint was purchased, so no harm, no foul!

  • Sandra Dougherty Rodgers

    I agree. You need a darker color for the doors. Wasn’t sure about that pale blue when you introduced it, so am glad you are re-thinking it. Love and look forward to all your blogs.

  • Diana Johannesen

    Look at the asparagus color, it draws the eye down and pop of color
    Behr from home depot…I have people stopping just to say they love my door…

    • cardinalkay64

      How awesome is that, Diana! I love it when people like what I’ve chosen — I had a couple people inquiring about the board + batten siding, + it made me happy! Is asparagus a green? Just wondering.

  • Dolores

    I like all your ideas! I didn’t know about the ‘rule of 3’, so I guess that means I have to paint the other 2 doors bright red, even tho you can only see one at a time.

    • cardinalkay64

      Oh, yesh — I read that somewhere, re: the rule of 3.
      If you can’t see everything all at once, I wouldn’t be bothered.
      Besides, it’s difficult to paint with red!
      That stuff has a tendency to go on somewhere sheer, doesn’t it?
      ? ? ? ?
      K A Y

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