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Kitchen Ceiling Musings

It’s a bizzy time o’ year at our house,

+ no doubt, it’s said same at yours.

Earlier this week I made these vintage Bingo banners

for my retail shop, RedBird Vintage Home.

How cute, if I do say so!


Meanwhile, back at the Dutch colonial, progress continues . . .

. . . in THE KITCHEN (at long last!)

We ordered our IKEA cabinets, + they’ve arrived!


Of course, if they’re from IKEA, they’re in boxes!  :-/

Once they’re assembled, they’ll look like this:

IKEA white cabs -- solid door

While discussing my design choices,

this is a good time for me to share my inspiration kitchen,

by Tom Felicia:

kitchen -- tom felicia adirondacks

Architectural Digest

So.  Check! — on my choosing white cabs, like his.

+ that wonderful gray tile backsplash?


Look what I found online, from Home Depot:

tile -- crackled glaze from Home Depot

Home Depot

I especially like how their glaze looks hand-painted,

+ even better, it’s crackled (my favorite!)

* * *

Now, back to my inspiration.

People.  Look at that yummy dark gray ceiling!

Check! — in our kitchen?  You ask?

kitchen -- tom felicia adirondacks

Well, not exactly.


Chambray (blue) by Pittsburgh Paints

You see, into each project, some compromise must fall.

G.O. wasn’t on board with a dark gray ceiling,

but we both loved the medium gray/blue.

After all, nobody loves a blue porch ceiling like I do . . .

ceiling of porch blue

. . . so I said to myself, why not bring that happiness indoors?


+ there it is — my own beautiful blue kitchen ceiling.

As you can see, our light fixtures are being hung, as we type,

+ here’s a fun factoid:

I love schoolhouse-style light fixtures

almost as much as I love blue ceilings.

Here is my over-the-island (1 of 2) pendant:


These are available in stock at Home Depot, for a mere $89.97!

 * * *

Around the kitchen’s perimeter, where one might have recessed lights,

we sprung for yet more schoolhouse style:


These, too, are in stock at Home Depot, + they cost a mere $29.97 each!

We will have 3 on one side of the kitchen . . .


. . . + on the opposite side there will be only 2,

flanking a solar tube that was installed months ago:

DSC05457(1)So. next up:

a pair of sconces for the wall above the sink

+ for over the (future) Dutch door to outside,

something like this:

exit theater sign

Stay tuned!



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