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Amazing Kitchen Bargains

Progress continues to be made in our Dutch colonial kitchen.

Slowly but surely, the IKEA cabs are being assembled + put into place.


I really need to make a decision on the sconces above the window.

Here’s what I’d originally planned to order (from Home Depot):

lighting -- kitchen over sink gilded iron

However, since I’m currently thinking warm metal hardware

for our warm oak island . . .


. . . I’m going to see what I can find

 in the oh-so-trendy antique brass.

Disclaimer: yes, that would be mixing one’s metals,

but I am okay with that.

I do think that I need to repeat the antiques brass,

at least once, for continuity purposes.

What say ye?

Yes or no on the mixing of metal finishes?

* * * *

Meanwhile, please notice our sink cabinet below the windows:


We bought this farmhouse sink from IKEA:

IKEA farmhous sink

With this IKEA faucet:

IKEA faucet pull-down

G.O. didn’t really want that sink, but really.

We kind of had to get it.

Both the sink + faucet were in a display kitchen of discontinued cabinetry,

+ they were crazy inexpensive!

That’s why we got such a great deal on our refrigerator,

as it, too, was being discontinued.

IKEA white fridge

Here ’tis, in its space beside the pantry in our kitchen:


It will be flush with the cabs after it’s hooked up + installed.

* * * *

Next on the agenda:

wall color, backsplash tiles + counter tops!

Stay tuned!


Yesterday we went to IKEA + scored some amazing bargains for our kitchen.

You’ll just have to take my word for it, though,

because just like “ALL the professional bloggers”,

I left my camera at home.

surprised boy

Oh, dear.  Let’s try to move on.

Check this out:

IKEA white fridge

NUTID S23 White counter depth refrigerator

Regular: $1,899.00 / Clearance: $699

IKEA fridge -- interior

WHOA!!!  I know!!!  I still can’t believe it!!!

1. A mere $699 . . . AND . . . 2. counter depth . . . AND . . . 

. . . 3. the Kay-coveted WHITE!!!!???

Plus, 4. it does not say IKEA on it,

+ 5. it does have the acceptable (stainless) handles —

not those cheapie-looking white plastic ones.

I’ve got my standards.

“But why white?” you ask?

Stainless is what we have now, but I wanted to be different.

If you really must know, here’s why I went over to the white side:

sarah richardson

Yesh, that’s my designer lady crush, Sarah Richardson,

.who, in one of her most recent projects,

 chose white kitchen appliances.

cat fight

Sadly, I am not Sarah,

nor is G.O. anything like Tommy (Sarah’s main gay):


LOVE him!

Nope.  G.O. nixed the idea of the white appliances!

The humanity!

 I’m kind of glad that I forgot the camera,

because the Bickersons in the IKEA kitchen department

wasn’t such a pretty picture, after all.

* * * *

He protested, as he does, + I just listened stared at him.

I then marched over to Mr. IKEA Man

+ asked if, at that price,

the (3 remaining) white refrigerators would be soon be gone.

When he said “today”, that was that — for me, anyway.



G.O. color-shamed me,

right there in front of Mr. IKEA Man! —

 saying that “everybody on HGTV wants stainless + granite!!!”

I, of course, was mortified + refused to engage.

At this moment, however, Mr. IKEA Man,

who’s probably heard it all, at least a bazillion times,

brightly offered this patented conflict diffuser:

“I always tell people that, if they want white,

they should get white!”

IKEA white fridge

I couldn’t agree more . . .

. . . aaaaaand they’re delivering our white refrigerator tomorrow.

Thanks, Mr. IKEA Man.

Oh, + IKEA, too, for offering these at such a deep discount.

Kitchen Cab Progress!

Despite my being MIA, blog-wise,

we’ve had a lot of progress over at the Dutch colonial!

See for yourself!

Here’s our IKEA kitchen, just a few days ago:


Boxes, boxes + more boxes!

Here’s our IKEA kitchen today:


White IKEA Lidingo cabinets on the window wall

with an oak** IKEA Lixtorp island.

I’d always planned on a white kitchen

with a **black island, like this one, from Houzz:

black + white dream kitchen

I mean, who wouldn’t?!

However, at the last moment (meaning IN the store!), I changed my mind.



I can hear you now.

 “But Kay!  We despised oak in the 80’s + 90’s!”

surprised boy

Why, yes, we did, but things change!

Here’s how:

Reason 1. I wanted to be different

(which is the same reason I want white appliances, too

— but more on that later.).

Reason 2. Aren’t we seeing a lot more natural wood out there?

Reason 3. It had to be oak.

Our Dutch colonial came with tons of it!



Part of it’s been stripped already, + it’s really gorgeous!

I like it natural,

but I s’poze I’ll see about staining it a nice, medium brown

so that it plays nicely with our island.


On the other side of our kitchen we have more Lidingo whites.


Our Lixtorp island contains the following:

1.  a 24″ base with a drawer + microwave cubby

2. an 18″ base with drawers.



All the green tape on the wall marks the range hood location.

What type of range hood (+ range, for that matter)

 will be another last-minute decision.

Stay tuned!



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