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Kitchen Floor Tile Is En Route!

A subfloor** has been installed in our Dutch colonial’s kitchen,

making things nice + level for some future tile (soon!)

**There are no pictures of said-same subfloor however,

as I decided it’s too boring + not photo-worthy.

Meanwhile, here’s a before:


Just a tad rustic, is it not?

Some people (meaning me) would love to paint those original boards.

Like here:

checkered floor humongous

WOW, am I right?

Aren’t those greens gorgeous?

And who doesn’t love a checkerboard kitchen floor?

* * *

Which takes us back to ours:


Natch, G.O. nixed the possibility of my having a painted floor,

+ this time, I couldn’t blame him.

I could have a checkerboard floor (yay!),

but the checks would have to be tiles.

* * *

Oh, dear.  What size tile, then?

I like the looks of these small, 6″ square ones:

checkered floor six inches

They might be the most period-appropriate size

for our Dutch colonial — but sorry.  No can do.

What if that busy floor gives me vertigo,

like that poor Liza Minelli on Arrested Development?



* * *

But back to our floor.

I chose 12″ tiles:

checkered floor twelve inches

Believe it or not, I actually found something I liked

from our local build-o-rama, Menards!

It’s Daltile’s Color Scheme porcelain collection,

@ only $2.99 per square foot,

with an addiltion 11% discount from Menards!


I wanted the traditional black but not with white (oh, the dirt!)

Maybe a light gray?  Yes!

Check it out!  Black Speckle + Desert Gray Speckle:



I chose speckle for its dirt-hiding capabilities

and because it looks like retro linoleum!

What’s more period appropriate than that?

* * *

Here’s another look-see at my samples,

with my chosen gray backsplash tiles from Home Depot:


I’m loving the way they look together!

And check out how nicely they play with my kitchen paint color story:


Sadly, the tiles won’t be here until February 12th,

so definitely, stay tuned!


Our Kitchen’s Color Story

Let’s have a look-see at the color story of our Dutch colonial kitchen, shall we?


At the far left, we have Chambray (Pittsburgh Paints),

a medium blue that is already up + at ’em on the kitchen ceiling.

Yikes! — that swatch is way too bright!

This photo is more accurate:


Much better!

I’ll admit that the blue ceiling looks a tad odd by itself,

but I think that it makes sense when combined with my other color choices.

Speaking of which:


The small white swatch represents the room’s future white crown molding,

all the woodwork + our white IKEA cabs:


Third from left is the palest of grays —

Thin Ice (Pittsburgh Paints) — for our walls:


Yes, it’s pale, but pale’s a good thing, sometimes.

I made certain that it does pop a bit against the white cabinets,

+ yet, it won’t be as dark as the gray backsplash tiles I’ve chosen:


Home Depot

I love those tiles so much!  I want them to be the ‘stars’ of our kitchen!

Just look at this inspiration of mine!

Don’t you love the gray tile backsplash?

white kitchen with gray tiles -- heavyontheveggie

heavyontheveggie blog

But I digress!

Back to my color swatches + the darkest of my grays, fourth from left.

It’s Volcanic Ash (again, from Pittsburgh Paints):


We will paint our kitchen door (see below) this dark gray,

along with the other interior doors throughout the house:


So far, I am very happy with all my colors + hope they’ll play nicely together!

But wait!

There are a couple more colors — the 2 dark squares to the far right:


They represent my choices of floor tile for our kitchen.

I’ll talk more about them in another post.

Stay tuned!

Towel Bar Musings

While G.O. is currently busy as a bee in our kitchen . . .

. . . I’d personally like to go back a room or 2.

To our powder room:


It’s nearly finished — only a few minor tweaks remain,

including this vintage shelf:

shelf for powder room

for here:


this mirror for over the vanity:


+ this vintage milk glass towel bar for where?

The side of the vanity?


Not so much.

On the wall?



Not really.

Frankly, I couldn’t decide,

so, instead of fretting or — worse yet — making a mistake,

 I waited for inspiration to strike.

And, in my little world, inspiration = Pinterest!

Let’s have a look-see at what I spied, towel bar-wise:

towel bar on sink base cab

towel bar on white vanity -- yellow walls

towel bar on marble with mirror

towel bar on tables turned vanities

Is this a thing?  Towel bars on the fronts of sinks?

I hoped it would work for our situation,

so I dashed over for a trial spin on our vanity front.


I love it!

What do you think?

And isn’t it great when a design,

no matter how small,

comes together?



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