Modern v.s. Vintage Cabinet Hardware

This just in:

our kitchen tile floor!


Chloe the Dachshund approves!


After 2+ years, the closer we get to the finish line,

the more I yearn to get those little features

that will finally make this place a home.

* * *

Let’s start with kitchen cabinet hardware, shall we?

At first, I toyed with the idea of going modern farmhouse

+ picking something similar to our dishwasher handle:


I mean, we both love it,

+ in fact, it’s the reason we chose the dishwasher!

Is that so wrong? 

But really.  Really?

I just couldn’t get on board.  It wasn’t right.

So.  After (lots) more searching, I decided on vintage-style glass!

Like these:

cabinet hardware -- black glass pull and knob

The black would tie in all the dark grays + nearly black floor tiles!


Within moments, I ordered a sample, from here:

While I was at it, I threw all caution to the wind

+ ordered some colored ones, as well!

Blue milk glass:

cabinet hardware -- pale blue milk glass pull + knob

These are beyond gorgeous in person,

+ their pastel awesomeness is so ‘now’!

But really.  Really?

I mean, it had to be these:

cabinet hardware -- red glass

cabinet hardware -- red glass knob

That’s more like it!

And there’ll be no mistaking whose kitchen it is!

Which is pretty much how I roll, décor-wise.

And people.  The pulls cost a mere $4.45 each,

+ the knobs are only $2.09 each!

That’s just crazy!


What do you think?


I think I ordered them yesterday,

+ have already received an e-mail heads up

that they’ve already been shipped!

Stay tuned!

2 responses to “Modern v.s. Vintage Cabinet Hardware

  • Dolores

    I’m glad you’re favoring RED for your handles! That would’ve been my first choice! I’m with Chloe, and also love your kitchen floor!

    • cardinalkay64

      TY for the comment, Dolores. I was afraid that our kitchen was too boring, so I’m glad that I chose the red, too! I forgot to mention that I ordered a cobalt blue sample. Doesn’t everyone love cobalt blue? I thought it was a tad too garish, sadly.

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