Farmhouse Sink + A Tile Snafu

Our IKEA farmhouse sink is finally in, over at the Dutch colonial!

See for yourself:




While I like that sink + (a little bit less) that faucet,

I love my choice of back splash tile!

They are 3″ x 6″ subways with a crackled gray glaze.

Home Depot, online.



Martha Stewart paintable bead board wallpaper from Home Depot


Perfection — the way they complement all my design choices!

But wait.


There’s a problem with the size of my tiles

as they relate to the size available for our back splash.

We would end up with a row of tile slivers, to fit the space,

and nobody wants that.



My mind immediately raced to the oh-so-cute penny rounds.

Exhibit A:

tile penny round home depot

Home Depot

In addition to their being super charming,

they are very vintage style, which is just the ticket!

After a somewhat lengthy online search last night,

I found them in the color I desire — gray!

tile -- penny round granite blend gloss

Galaxy gray penny rounds Source unknown

tile penny round marble -- sarah richardson

Marble mosaic penny rounds Sarah Richardson

Beautiful, ’tis true, but I fear they’re too busy for our kitchen.

They’d clash with our semi-busy counter tops:



So.  After yet more online searching,

I finally found penny rounds in a solid gray!

tile -- penny round gray lowe's

Lowe’s online

But wait.


Our grandlad G.O. immediately nixed the idea,

as he claimed small mosaic tiles like that are very difficult to install.

So is it on to Plan C?

Or will I get my penny rounds?

Stay tuned!

9 responses to “Farmhouse Sink + A Tile Snafu

  • Kathy

    Don’t they come on webbed sheets aka glass tiles?

    • Kathy

      Ala not aka. Darned autocorrect. Ha!

      • Kathy

        And I didn’t think the combo tiles would be too busy. That’s quite the role reversal. Usually I’m the one choosing the more “sedate” options. Ha!

      • cardinalkay64

        Yes, re: the mesh on the backs of the tiles.
        Generally, the mesh square is in the 12″ ballpark.
        Oh, I may have changed my mind already, to white pennies with dark gray grout.
        More classic + timeless than the gray.

  • staceyweichert

    Kay, I’m following this closely!!! As my Ikea sink sits at my feet here!
    We are so on the same design table. Except my cabinets are not white…
    I have those same gray subway tiles in boxes here too!
    It’s all looking just beautiful!

    • cardinalkay64

      You mean you’re getting the very same watercolor-esque, crackled glaze gray tiles? Did you get yours from Home Depot, too? My friend, Alan, got something similar for his bathroom re-do, + he said that he paid WAY too much, that he loves our choice. Anyway, as I said earlier (above), I’ve changed my mind to white penny rounds with dark gray grout. Who knows what I’ll change it to, later today!

  • Barbara H.

    Hmm, what a dilemma. Can you use the original tile, which I also love, and make up the space with trim, either tile or wood?

    • cardinalkay64

      Hi Barbara! Coincidentally, we just went tile shopping yesterday. I know that G.O. really didn’t want to use those pesky pennies, no matter how much I love them! Any-hoo, he tells me that he can take off the window trim + make another in the appropriate size for our gray crackle tiles! I’m like, “Okay, then!” — + dashed out the tile store door! 😉 He claims he told me this, but I don’t recall! Anyway, we’re getting those awesome tiles! He ordered them from Home Depot last p.m.!

    • cardinalkay64

      G.O. cut the woodwork to fit the tiles. I will try to get a snapshot of that!

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