Window Sash Musings


First thing yesterday a.m., as we often do, the dogs + we went for a short hike.

Here are the girls, en route:


Chloe, at left, + Dory in the back of “Daddy’s” Ranchero.

On the way home, we had a little cruise around town,

which is just another way of saying

 Kay’s looking at + passing judgement on houses.

 Yesterday’s cruise was especially exciting for me.

Check this out:


So, they pretty much had me at that siding + all that trim work.

But what is so over-the-top awesome that I would be so enthusiastic?  you ask?

Here’s a hint: the black window sashes:


People.  I shan’t lie — I am obsessed with colored window sashes.

Back at home, I headed to Pinterest, to search for more

because I wanted to blog + share with the class:

sashes black with teal siding

It’s like eyeliner for a house!

That works indoors, well.

window sashes red

BH + G


window sashes black inside bathroom bh+g

BH + G

window sashes green house bhg

window sashes -- grey house with black

urban cottage blog

Black isn’t the only window sash color that I love.

Here we have maybe my favorite:

window sashed -- red

BH + G

OMiGosh!  RED RULES, does it not?

In case you’re not on board, here’s more!

I blogged about this:

karin blake's malibu kitchen with red sashes #1

Designer Karin Blake’s Malibu home

If I am so obsessed,

you are probably asking if we, too, have colored sashes at the Dutch colonial.


Oops.  No.

Sadly, the black or the red versions of our windows were over our budget.


We really love them, though.

They’re vinyls from Andersen, + I blogged about them, here:


That sash, while vinyl, sits on the outside of the windowpanes,

which gives it the illusion of being original to our house.


So.  I really want to know.

Do you love to cruise around + admire/dislike houses in your town?

What’s the best one you’ve seen this summer?

5 responses to “Window Sash Musings

  • Pat

    I love the colored sashes also and yes, I love to ride around and check out my faves. That new house you showed is great. I’ve been watching the progress and it’s so nice to see a new house built to fit the neighborhood, instead of a modern looking one crammed in that just doesn’t look right.

    • cardinalkay64

      The back yard is on a slight downward incline from the alley, + there are some fairly large boulders there. I’m assuming that they are for the new landscaping, which should be awesome. Gosh, I hope they won’t get a restraining order for me! 🙂

  • nancy

    Yep, for as long as I can remember. I used to beg my mom to drive by some older homes in our town so I could look at them. And while walking my dog i would have certain routes depending on what houses I wanted to look at. If they went up for sale and had an open house, that meant a Sunday viewing to complete my nosiness. And to the original quedtion, I love the colored windows.

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