Sofa Table Christmas

Yesterday our living room underwent a modest Christmas makeover.


There’s a pair of vintage black skis that I bought in Wisconsin,

plus my old Christmas tree from the late, great Eddie Bauer Home.


No, it doesn’t look real, nor do I like it very much.

Yes, it’s time to get a faux tree from THIS century!

Exhibit A:

vickerman bed rock tree

This is Vickerman’s Bed Rock Pine tree,

 which I couldn’t love more, + which why don’t I just get one?

The 5′ costs around $150 on Amazon.

Stay tuned.


Meanwhile, back at the living room,

let’s view my Santa collection on our sofa table,

which has been nicely tucked into our window bay.


The table consists of an old, white enamel top with a red border.


 (Please disregard that the curtains I’ve sewn have not yet been hemmed.)

Anyway, as I was saying,

that enamel table top rests on a pair of vintage wooden sawhorses.


I elevated our new Target lamps on vintage books.

Now on to those Santas.

Exhibit B:


It’s my Rowe Pottery salt-glaze pottery bell Santa!

His cloche is actually an odd dome-shaped jar from a flea market.


I created my own cake stand pedestal

 by repurposing 1 of my blue + white bowls + a plate.


This cast iron Santa bank was from the Sundance catalog.


How sweet is that vintage striped bowl?


Another Rowe Pottery Santa,

whose cloche was once a French cherry preserves jar!


I bought this Santa when we visited The Country Store

in Salisbury, MC.

They have (or had) a terrific catalog,

+ at one time, my stenciled signs were in it!


Santa’s heavy, greenish glass cloche is a jar from Pottery Barn.

Most of the year, I have it right side up + filled with old baseballs.

TY for viewing!

Stay tuned for more Christmas fun!

4 responses to “Sofa Table Christmas

  • Kathy

    Love those Target lamps. I’m going to be at Target tomorrow … dare I hope to find them tomorrow?

  • Kay

    I first saw these lamps online, but we did buy them at the store. You can find out which stores have how much of particular item. There were multiple shades that would fit. The ones we chose were the lightest of light grays. Oh, I bought the smaller lamps, but it did come in a larger size.

  • nancy

    I LOVE the tree in exhibit A. I want it, but, alas, it is a bit too costly for me at this time. 😢 Your Santa’s look great.

    • Kay

      Disclaimer, Nancy — sadly, I am not sure that I can afford the tree, either. I need to purchase Christmas gifts + buy tickets for this year’s theater outing with our grandson. $$$ Christmas Story The Musical is in the theater where we saw Mary Poppins last year! 😉

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