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Metal Awning Crush

Let’s talk about my latest obsession

from this past week’s Fixer Upper project,

a.k.a. The Baby Blue House:

baby blue house

Beautiful, no?

Like I’ve said before, their landscaping is always wonderful!

However, that’s not the reason I find myself obsessed right now —

this is:


Did you notice the metal awning over the front door?  YUM!

There were no photos of it on Joanna’s blog,

so I snapped a few from my TV.


The awning project originated from that part of the show when this happens:

1. Joanna meets the homeowner,

2. Joanna shares that there’s $$ left in the budget,

+ 3.  Joanna gives the him/her three different design choices.

Looks like the awning cost $2800. Your thoughts?

That seems a tad high to me, but remember: I have G.O.,

who can do everything himself.

Meaning — yes, please!

 G.O., won’t you make me an awning for our Dutch colonial?


Our back door would be the perfect spot!


Oh, wait.  There’s a problem, + yes, it’s our light fixture.


The humanity!

Looks like the Dutch colonial is not going to have its highly-coveted metal awning!

Not so fast, though!

There’s always plan B, which is code for: our next house!

surprised boy


Anyway, hold that thought + come with me, back to Pinterest.

This house has our siding + our black door color.


Next, here’s one of my all-time favorite houses:

awning cool house with gray and white  molly frey

Please go to this talented designer’s blog:

You’re welcome.

Meanwhile, here’s a close up:

awning cool house with gray and white close up

I think those light fixtures are identical to the ones  I chose for our garage!

light fixture garage

Hampton Bay Outdoor Cottage Lantern — $29

I feel so good about myself, right now!

Now let’s have a look-see of some more photos, shall we?

But first, a disclaimer.

It’s at this point where the sources get a tad sketchy,

meaning I’m not sure who pinned what.

iawning curved zinc

However, I can tell you that most came from this British company:

People.  Go there.

Once again, you’re welcome.

Meanwhile, check out this simple yet stunning awning:

awning big round circle

It’s even better with a flowering vine climbing up + over it:

awning curved with circle and wisteria

2 awnings, no waiting (below)

Please notice those beautiful blue Delphiniums!

The roses + lavender are some of my favorites, too.

S/W Ver: A0.03.1DR


awning garden requ 49

There were so many wonderful examples

on garden-requisites website,

I had to just quit, before my blog post was too long!

Last but not least — for all you fun seekers out there —

is this shabby awesome or just shabby awful?

awning old pick up truck hood

I think it’s fun, + I also think I wish I could remember who pinned it!

And lastly, one more awning.

If you can’t afford to hire Fixer Upper to give you a $2800 awning,

look what you can get for a mere $345.88 from!

I think that’s doable, don’t you?

awning standing seam wayfair

Thanks for reading — and go see those websites + blogs I suggested!

Tell me what you think!

I Love Botanical Stuff!

Show of hands!

Who, like me, subscribes to Elle Decor magazine?

I’m not always a yooge fan, but each issue always contains 1 or 2 good houses,

like this one owned by this adorable family:

redbird -- guy's glasses frames elle decor

Check out those cool glasses frames on the guy!

Coincidentally, we went frames shopping for G.O. yesterday!

That was conflict free.  Not.

cat fight

But stay tuned — I really like the frames I insisted that he get.

Meanwhile, I digress.

Let’s go back to inside this house in Elle Decor:

redbird -- wallpaper elle decor

Can I get a yay or nay for that espalier wallpaper?


Espalier is a Frenchie word for training a tree to grow horizontally,

usually on a wall or a fence.

My plans include our having an espaliered tree in our yard.


Back to the Elle Decor house.

Check out yet more botanical happiness:

redbird -- allium artwork

Our Elle Decor family has this very print of alium flowers!

Theirs is hanging on the wall above their freestanding tub.

This photo above, however, is from the Shabby Creek Cottage blog.


In closing, we went to IKEA the other day,

+ they had artificial alium blooms for sale, @ $8-ish.

Did you get some, Kay? — I hear you asking?


Sadly, no.  I feared G.O. would get a little cranky.

He doesn’t understand!

.No worries, though — look what I found on etsy!

redbird -- allium from heavenlyhomeflowers shop on etsy

These silkies look a lot better than the plastic ones from IKEA.

Go here:

I think it’s high time I make a morale boosting purchase.



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