Do + Don’t Curtains

We’ve happily lived in our Dutch colonial since last October,

although I wasn’t all that happy about that stupid sheet

covering our bedroom window.

I’ve looked + looked, but I just couldn’t find the perfect curtains!

Until Sunday.  Yes, Sunday.

We broke our “no IKEA on the weekend” rule + came home with these:


The minute I saw that print, I was smitten, as was G.O.!

Prints are a thing, + I’ve been wanting to add more in our decor.



So.  Mission accomplished, am I right?

But wait.  Not so fast.

I wanted them hung really high, like high above the woodwork.

How could I not?  I saw this on Pinterest!

curtain hung high do and don't

Oh, dear.  As I often do, I failed to give G.O. the heads up about this rule.



cat fight

Luckily for me, that same Pinterest  has dozens of photos:

curtains hung high

HGTV Dream House

curtain hung high

Ms. Career Girl

Wait.  Not so fast.

On a whim, I popped in one of our living room cafe curtains:


I like them because we can’t see our neighbor’s messy yard,

nor can he see us, + yet, there’s still plenty of natural light.

What I really wanna know is: are they hopelessly granny?

You’d tell me, wouldn’t you?

I shall stay tuned + wait for your recommendations.

9 responses to “Do + Don’t Curtains

  • Barbara H.

    I’ve used this solution for many years in many places where I’ve lived. I like your setup – it really helps the stained glass window stand out more than without the cafe curtain. If it makes you happy, then it’s correct is my philosophy.

  • nancy

    Well, I like them, but then my son just told me my bedspread is old lady and Istill love it. It’s from pottery barn , so it can’t be too grannyish. I saw that pin too. The rules have changed this century. It used to be you would never hang your curtains that high above the window.

  • Dolores

    No, the cafe curtains will never go out of style. Besides, they’ll give you more privacy from the man with the messy yard. I like your stained glass hanging in the window. We have one in the dining room window…a gift from my administrator when I retired from nursing. I love it, but 14 years later, it has faded somewhat, as our window faces south, and gets a lot of sun. I need to find another window in a darker area.

  • Lauren Santillo

    I like the cafe curtains there, it softens the window. I hope your neighbor doesn’t read your blog. Oh, and my kids say our house decor reminds them of dead president’s homes. I take this as a compliment.

  • cardinalkay64

    HA — I just re-read + saw the dead president’s homes remark! That’s hilarious!

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