Canned Ham Interior, Take 2

Yesterday I blogged about my blue + red Ralph Lauren hopes + dreams

for our canned ham’s interior.

Natch, a lot of blue + red stripe upholstery fabric was involved . . .

fabric of blue and red stripes 2

 . . . + I was going to add even more red

by replacing the ham’s existing refrigerator + microwave . . .

. . . with these red beauties:

Daewoo retro microwave — $89

Daewoo retro compact refrigerator — $249

appliances -- red microwave + refrigerator

OMIGOSH, WOW!  Am I right?

Those 2 would be just the things

to propel our ham’s interior straight over the top!

But wait.

There seems to be a pesky issue with camper appliances.

It involves complicated things like voltages + propane fuel.


Anyway, the bottom line is this: I can’t have my retro appliances.

surprised baby

Heart break!

So, as one does, I immediately went to plan B.

We (+ by “we” I mean G.O.)

would spray paint the existing black appliances red!

paint -- appliances rustoleum red from lowe's

Sounds so easy when I just type or say it, doesn’t it?

Not so fast.  Let’s break it down.

The burner top + range hood might not be too problematic,

 but that microwave was gonna take rolls + rolls of masking tape!

Meaning I didn’t insist (for once) when G.O. nixed the idea.

I just said to myself, FINE.

Let’s embrace the black.

Stay tuned for how I plan to do said embracing.

Here’s a sneak peak at my design + color inspiration:

pendleton san miquel knit throw

5 responses to “Canned Ham Interior, Take 2

  • nancy

    I knew you would come up with something, but you surprised me. I thought for sure some ticking would be involved.

  • Via B Design

    Okay embrace the black, but look at that red retro fridge!!

    • cardinalkay64

      I KNOW!!! re: the refrigerator. I tell ya, the voltage is wrong, or maybe it’s powered with that stuff that comes in tanks. Help me, I can’t remember — some sort of gas. I dunno what I’ll do with the plain Jane one that’s in there now. In more recent versions of our canned ham, the manufacturing company offered the same refrigerator but with a RED door. I think I am going to get stuff up + running in there, at which time that fridge will hopefully TELL ME what color it should be!

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