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New Orleans Shop Envy

A few weeks ago on Facebook, I posted a heads up about this website:

shopkeeper logo

It’s like a dream come true for those of us who love independent retail shops!

Check it out + thank me later (you’re welcome.)

You’ll see that you can search for shops in different countries + cities + genres.

Today, let’s visit a stationery shop in New Orleans:

new orleans grove st press logo

The shopkeepers are cousins — Kate Wyman + Anna Boyer.

neworleans girls

And they have a shop dog — a labradoodle named Mildred Yvonne!

new orleans shop dog

 Nope.  It doesn’t get much cuter than this!

neworleansgirlswith dog

Ha ha ha!  Cute, yes, but this wins as the CUTEST!

Because everybody knows that dogs sitting upright + reading = comedy gold!


Anyway, their biz name, Grove Street Press, is quite literal,

as the women have a letterpress studio behind their shop:




new orleans car print


Pay close attention to the tartan plaid envelope lining of this card:

boots l l bean

Apparently the girls make them!

new orleans envelopes


Now, then — let’s take a quick trip through their retail space, starting outside.

Doesn’t that charming storefront make you want to see what’s inside?

new orleans shop exterior

new orleans front window

(Side note: Have I mentioned my late, great retail store, Heart-In-Hand?)

Here ’tis, at Christmas time, 1987

heart in hand exterior

I only mention it because I still have a bit of “retail fever” (<– I made that up),

which probably explains why I love perusing wonderful shops like this one.

My store had a couple of large, old sorters for merch displays, like here:

new orleans postal sorter

One of them — my postal sorter — is currently in the dining room of our Dutch colonial,

+ before that, was in our brick bungalow’s living room:

postal sorter

We are using my other large sorter in our Dutch colonial’s living room:


Oh, how fun it is, to go down memory lane!

Speaking of which, please note the U.S. flag that the women hung in their store:

new orleans flag

Turns out that I used to hang the huge funeral flag of my grandpa’s

(he was in France in WWI.)

Here we are, the flag + me, together at an outdoor market, last year:

booth wit flag

But back to Grove Street Press.

This FAN-tastic gallery wall has me yearning to have one of our own!

new orleans

Pass me the hammer + nails + stay tuned!






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